gemini-geminiGemini-Gemini represents four people in one relationship (Gemini is the Twins). This is never a dull affair, which is good for easily bored Gemini. With the same need for nearly-constant chatter and intellectual stimulation, Gemini-Gemini horoscopes furnish constant streams of new theories and ideas that trigger the imaginations of both partners.

This love match is all about variety of expression and freedom, and together they enjoy this to the fullest. Others find much to be amused about in a Gemini couple as well. They’re guaranteed to be the life of every party with their well-honed entertainment routines and sharp wits. If they can cooperate and avoid competition, their union can be mutually satisfying and extremely happy.

The Twins love to lob tidbits of playful banter, occasional ironic cynicism, and sarcasm back and forth. This is great fun, from them, but can prevent the partners from considering the relationship as serious. A close relationship certainly demands some seriousness, which Gemini has a difficult time appreciating. If they can pay extra attention to their feelings (hard for air to do) instead of being ruled solely by intellect and thoughts, they will greatly enrich their love experience.

The Planet Mercury (Communication) governs Gemini, so this couple is well equipped to talk in circles all night long. Hermes (Mercury in Greek mythology) was a traveler, and Gemini shares those winged feet and the love for all types of variety in places as well as topics of conversation. Their gift of gab is often misconstrued as gossip. Learning to use this gift of communication positively is important to Gemini’s social development.

Gemini, as an Air Sign, responds to their romantic partner, and to the world with a more rational than emotional emphasis. A famously short attention span can often cause burn out, and two Geminis can burn out, together, at the same time. But, of course, Gemini creativity will conjure up a new scheme an instant later.

Mutable Signs make for an easy-going and extremely flexible, nature, and the four of them make a perfect couple. Masters of the art of compromise, they can easily form a conflict-free relationship. A discussion that has gotten out of hand is about the only thing that leads to real argument. Fortunately, Gemini is quick to realize the pointlessness of fighting in general, and of proving a point.

What’s the best feature of Gemini-Gemini astrology? The enormous amount of stimulation and intellectual energy they provide one another. They are proficient at saving one another from a mundane existence. Together they can accomplish more than either could alone, and entertain their friends and family at the same time.

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