free horoscopes“Free Horoscopes” is invariably “Sun Sign Astrology”. A free horoscope probably will describe what’s happening to everyone that was born with the same sun sign, i.e., all Virgos, all Scorpios, all Libras, etc.

Free horoscopes are useful for gaining information about a particular zodiac sign. E.g., if the Sun was in Virgo when you were born, you will tend to have a critical and introverted nature. Aries on the other hand will tend to be extroverted and active.

But wait! Although it’s true that the Sun is the most important “planet” in out astrology, there are other powerful forces “out there”.

Peaceful Venus, hot-tempered Mars, rebellious Uranus as well as “the Giants” all exert tremendous influences in our lives. In fact, the Moon is the principle factor in Vedic Astrology.

Free astrology is a great place to start since almost everyone knows their “Sun Sign”, but there’s a lot more universe to consider in the totality of an individual. Even those born under the same sign can have significantly different personalities due to time and space. 6am is not the same in China that it is in the US, and the geographical coordinates can place the planets in completely different aspects.

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