fixed signs sphinxThe Fixed Signs, of astrology, refer to Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, and Aquarius, as well as the “Fixed Houses” (2nd, 5th, 8th, and 11th). Planets located in or visiting the Houses of an astrology chart exert and combine their energies, influences and personalities on the individual.

Persons born under the fixed signs or with a preponderance of planets in fixed houses don’t take kindly to pushy, aggressive people (Cardinal Signs) or high-pressured situations (although Scorpio is well equipped to handle emergency predicaments). While not necessarily slow, people influenced by signs and houses of the fixed mode take more methodical, organized approaches to life (perhaps less so with experimental Aquarius). They need to feel that they can control what happens to them, rather than be swept up in a flurry of exciting but shortlived activity.

Those of a fixed mode pull their energies inwardly to better fortify themselves from within. Being centered allows them to tap into their internal power resources. Fixed signs consolidate such inner forces in ways that enable them to concentrate and focus long and hard on their objectives. Their attention is not easily diverted by fleeting distractions. Their interests in life are purposeful and enduring. Stability results when applying fixed energy. Such steadiness helps these signs persevere with a true sense of goal attainment.

They’re less in need of immediately obtaining what they desire. They can wait, unlike the gotta have it now cardinal group. (Actually, Leo can sometimes have a problem with waiting to be gratified, but nonetheless, it is learning how timing plays an important role in the fuller enjoyment of life.) Patience and the ability to clearly define what they want are keys to the fixed signs eventual success.

They’re blessed with stamina and will persist in all personal endeavors. Of course, this can make them the most stubborn and fixated signs of the zodiac – the ones who won’t take no for an answer. Sometimes they win in life only because they have worn down the opposition. The desire nature is strong in these signs. The fixed mode signs have appetites that are not easily denied or put on hold and that includes even Aquarius’ appetite for free social expression and its desire not to follow a conventional path.

These signs may not put up a bloody fight when their needs are threatened, but they will resist being dictated by others. They can’t easily be forced to submit to outer authority. In short, they won’t budge from any position they’ve taken until they’re good and ready, and they typically are not good and ready until outside pressures back off and leave them alone to determine their own course of action.

Interference from the sidelines is very unwelcome. Their motivation to change is always internal. What’s so great about the fixed mode is that its inherent staying power allows them to finish what we or others start. Cardinal energy may get the ball rolling in a high energy manner, but fixed mode energy quietly and steadfastly sees something to its completion. Fixed signs are the builders of life, desiring to further construct and give substance to what the cardinal signs have initiated. Thus, fixed signs are quite reliable (but again, watch out for Aquarius, who’s not always great at handling the minor details of a big project, yet can often pull through ingeniously regarding those matters needing large scale organization and smart social networking).

Simply put, fixed signs are determined to get the job done. They cannot tolerate halfway measures and instead tend to give it all they’ve got, once motivated. One pitfall of too much fixity, when mishandled, is its tendency to deal with life in uncompromising terms. Fixed signs can be quite unyielding, and this can lead to power struggles and no-win situations where all parties involved refuse to give in. The doggedness that fixity exhibits can cause trouble in situations where compromise and adaptability are needed most. Fixity is associated with stalemate conditions, where a battle of wills ensues. At times, this can be outright pigheadedness at work, attempting to thwart the easier solutions of others.

Sometimes problems caused are simply due to being too habitual about adhering to ones daily rituals, especially at times when introducing a touch of variety would make so much more sense. (Actually, fixed signs of the earth and water variety, Taurus and Scorpio, have the most difficulty here).

Taurus is the Fixed/Earth sign. The first of the Earth Signs is the most fixed, and thus most set in its ways of all 12 Zodiac Signs. No other sign is as entrenched in its attitudes as is this sign of the Bull. Yet this mode-element combo is quite steady and secure, and values stillness and serenity. Taurus is very anchored in the realm of the physical senses. Its grounded in the world of material form, from which it can attract and utilize valuable resources that sustain its life. Earth is an element that already seems fixed, considering that, when left unaltered by other elements, it stays put and hardly alters its shape. Those with Taurus emphasized in their charts want a calm, settled life where few changes occur especially those that happen without warning. This is one sign that can enjoy the unvarying patterns of routine without getting bored.

Fixed mode and earth element implies utmost dependability. Fixity likes to stay on a plotted course of action, without veering off into unknown directions. Earth also appreciates any consistent, uninterrupted activity that plays it safe. Taurus can thus be counted on to deliver the goods in a timely fashion, but it doesn’t take such commitments lightly. In fact, it’s hard to associate anything light with fixed earth. Purposeful Taurus is heavy in disposition, but not oppressively serious. It’s more sober than somber.

A big problem with fixed earth is its tendency to become too one-track-minded and unwilling to change in midstream, even when it’s plainly advantageous to do so. This mulish behavior often has strong fixed-earth types tackling things the slow, hard way. Such stubbornness is an example of the deep, internal resistance this sign feels, especially when it is being manipulated by external forces.

Leo is a Fixed/Fire sign. It may seem odd to think of fire as being fixed, since flames naturally love to spontaneously leap here and there ,especially on windy days. But the steady glow of logs in a fireplace, where fire’s flames are at least contained, becomes a fitting fixed-fire image. Fireplaces add a warm, cozy, and even romantic quality to anyroom. The sign Leo can be like this, as well. Its warmth radiates from its heart, and it lives the life of the eternal romantic, with all the emotional drama that entails.

Fixed-fire implies steady enthusiasm and long-lasting passions. Contained fire can burn more intensely and deeply (think of the fixed astronomical sun itself). Leos fiery expression is less impulsive and more purposefully directed. It has well-defined goals to achieve and will harness all its creative power to ensure that it ends up a winner. This is the most dependable of the fire signs, and one that is capable of great loyalty. Fixity helps Leos fire’s burn steadily and longer than is typical of this element. Leo’s flame is not easily extinguished once ignited.

However, fixed signs can be obstinate, and fire can be willful. Leo thus has a reputation for being bossy and autocratic. It’s full of pride and self-admiration, and this can lead to behavior that others find arrogant and snooty. Fixed fire means Leos performance can come off as being inordinately self-confident (fixity feels strongly assured from within, while fire doesn’t doubt the rightness of its actions). Still, Leo needs to feel utterly sold on itself in order to accomplish the great things it expects to in life. Since we all have Leo operating somewhere in our chart, it’s good to know that here we have a sign that never wants us to feel like a loser.

Scorpio is a Fixed/Water sign. Immediately, fixed water conjures up the image of ice. At times, Scorpio can be accused of transforming into an iceberg once it withdraws its emotional heat in its relationships. Yet its passions run deep, and thus this is a sign that is almost incapable of reacting to life in cold, aloof ways, although it may look like that from time to time, when Scorpio is feeling deeply hurt. Since water represents the realm of emotions, fixed water suggests controlled feelings that seldom spill out and needlessly expose themselves.

Scorpio’s emotions are well contained which perhaps makes them less messy, and yet, just how contained makes all the difference between unhealthy repression versus admirable emotional self-discipline. Fixed water suggests a tendency to be very single-minded in its feelings. Such enduring interest creates an intensity that can lead to obsession. Of course, its Scorpio’s powerful instincts that compel it to probe and penetrate to the core of any matter with the dogged persistence of a bloodhound on the trail.

Fixed water also means that Scorpio’s feelings for others, whether loving or hateful develop slowly and aren’t easily dissuaded. There’s little going on here that’s superficial or fleeting. Scorpio can harbor strong feelings even grudges about somebody or something for a long, long time. Fixity helps stabilize waters emotionality, cutting down on mood swings and panicky reactions to outside threats. Indeed, Scorpio can appear amazingly composed in the face of impending danger. It does a marvelous job when handling crisis situations.

Aquarius is the Fixed/Air sign. It appears there’s always one sign of each mode that seems oddly misplaced (such as shy” Cancer for the assertive, in-your-face cardinal mode). Aquarius is that oddball sign for the fixed group. All the other signs of this mode seem to want to hold on tightly to what they have, and can stubbornly use strong-arm tactics to get their way. Taurus, Leo, and Scorpio all can be very attached to their desires and thus too inflexible to change their ways overnight. However, Aquarius can suddenly revolutionize its behavior, given the right environmental conditions. (Besides, air signs aren’t into attachments that much).

Fixed mode and air element seems like an oxymoron, since air’s main interest is to circulate and spread itself far and wide, while fixity likes things to stay put. Actually, one image that comes to mind is an oxygen tank – air in a concentrated, contained form that’s used to keep people from losing consciousness. Aquarius is very much interested in oxygenating society with progressive ideals that are aimed at vitalizing the social consciousness of many. Air in its fixed form suggests an intellect that is less easily distracted, resulting in stronger mental concentration.

Air is filled with bright ideas that are often best applied to human situations, and here, the fixed mode gives Aquarius the focus and patience needed to help such progressive ideas develop needed substance and durability. Aquarius is therefore very attached to championing certain principles, based on truth, that it can apply to life on a collective level – things like life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness for all individuals.

Yet, airy Aquarius doesn’t want to become too grounded in mundane, earthy realities that seem to limit the mind’s vast potential. It must have enough intellectual freedom to breathe. Although it espouses democratic concepts with ease, especially where individual human rights are concerned, Aquarius can be a bit rigid and intolerant in how its social reforms are to be implemented. There’s a fixed sign dictator rattling around in its closet somewhere.

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