earth signsThe Earth Signs of astrology represent the needed structure, organization, and stability that all matter requires for its existence. Such necessary containment logically follows creation by fire throughout the zodiac. We live in a material realm that imposes all sorts of constraints, yet activity on Earth requires a slower pace so that we can better deal with most issues of physical reality. The heaviness of gravity abounds, and time is ever-present, but together Earth signs help us feel securely anchored to the solid, comforting world of form.

Fire Signs are more at home with a rapid, even agitated, alteration of conditions. It’s a highly kinetic force, but to undergo too much of that could prove hectic and disorienting (not to mention physically debilitating). We instead need a more leisurely pace in order to function reliably, and thus earth makes sure that fire’s dynamic energy is grounded and better conserved. Humankind long ago learned the value of harnessing fire, rather than wasting it by letting it burn itself out. Astrological earth is urging us to do the same, especially on the psychological level.

Earth is admittedly less showy and vibrant than fire. It appears passive and inactive (a clump of dirt or a log of wood seems inert and dull compared to the high drama of a raging inferno). Nevertheless, earth provides a necessary stillness and an economy of movement that helps fire’s energy endure longer and thereby extend its potential.

The Earth doesn’t like to use things up too quickly or to run out of needed supplies prematurely. Less refueling is required by this stable element because it conserves fire’s life force in smart, effective ways. Actually, earth is not so much smart in its operations as it is blessed with common sense, an instinctual know-how that is not based on mere intellectual knowledge. As a result, earth is very savvy when it comes to understanding the material world and figuring out what can and cannot be accomplished with available resources.

Earth signs all share a respectful awareness of life’s inherent limitations. Fire may balk at accepting that life issues restraining orders now and then, but earth makes peace with this obvious fact and learns to function well within such conditions. All elements have their own take on reality. But, earth’s version of what actually exists (something highly dependent on what our physical sense’s register), seems less open to debate or subjective interpretation – at least that’s how earth sees it.

Earthy reality is tied to the tried-and-true rhythms of the physical world, with its predictable, natural cycles. Earth depends on repetitive, reliable phenomena. lt’s obvious that this element plays a key role in the scientific disciplines, where an earthy capacity for clear-headedness, painstaking testing, and sober observation are a must. As humans, we are so unavoidably earthbound and attached to our physical impressions of life that it’s no wonder this element is so darn sure about what it regards as real. After all, the tangible proof that earth needs to function is clearly found all around us – matter undeniably exists.

Earth signs steadily focus on this most evident level of experience, yet they run the risk of assuming that this tangible realm of ours is what counts the most and what truly makes up our prime reality the only one on which we should fully depend. All else has less worth in the long run. Well, we can quickly see how this attitude may lead to narrow, materialistic assumptions concerning life’s potential. Things in the outer world potentially hold more attraction to earthy types than do internal, psycho-spiritual realms of being.

Earth is skeptical of anything as abstract as a soul or a psyche. If close-mindedness and inflexibility can be avoided, then earth becomes a wonderful element blessed with the power to manifest the deeper potential of the other elements. Earth helps less tangible energies incarnate and enclose themselves in matter suitable for their purposes – earth gives spirit needed shape.

We all have the signs Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn located somewhere in our chart, indicating areas where we can express our needs and demonstrate our abilities inworldly, concrete terms. Earth has a talent for building something solid and supportive for us, and it believes in working long and hard to achieve what it wants.

Patience is its virtue, and time is its friend. And yet, because it is astrology’s less glamorous element – one not given to colorful display, emotional depth, or imaginative thinking – Earth is typically treated with less fanfare. It evokes a ho-hum response. No one ever says, except sarcastically, Wow, it must be so exciting to be born with all that earth in your chart.

Earth is more like a little brown sparrow, in contrast to fire’s gloriously, strutting peacock. Earth is as plain and functional as a sensible pair of shoes, compared to diamond-studded high heels. lt’s as comfy and familiar as an old sweater. Being highly praised as someone who’s trustworthy, dependable, and humble (all earthy traits) seems less a compliment than being touted as dashing, witty, and effervescent. Nonetheless, earth quietly makes sure that much of our ordinary world runs in a timely, organized fashion. It tries to keep things operating smoothly, day by day, and this typically involves setting up systems of efficiency.

Should this conscientious element decide to pack it up and remove itself elsewhere in the Universe, chaos on our planet would soon spread like wildfire, and we’d all be horrified at how messy life would quickly become, as everything broke down or became misplaced (nothing would stay put). Earth signs thus do what they can to keep such chaos at bay, mainly by devising and enforcing necessary rules and regulations that ensure order.

Earth is the custodial element of life, dutifully straightening up the world whenever it gets out of control, while also carefully attending to all-important details, no matter how small, that help prevent future trouble from brewing. But just so we don’t pigeon-hole earth as all work and no play, realize that the realm of bodily sensation also belongs to this element. Earth (especially Taurus) enjoys the creature comforts of being human. It believes that there’s nothing wrong with feeling contentment in very physical ways. The body is not such a bad thing to own and satisfy. Earth wants us to proclaim, Yeah, I’m part animal and proud of it.

Varying degrees of sensuality play a role in the life experiences fostered by this element. We shouldn’t automatically think that means sex, since our earthy needs can also be met by taking a long, hot bath or even by having a professional massage. And, let’s not forget the satisfaction of eating a wonderfully cooked meal while in comfortable, visually pleasing surroundings. Earth also realizes that physical well-being is very important in life, and thus this element will urge us to listen to our body’s signals and know when to quit doing whatever could turn out to be abusive to our health. It’s as simple as this: When tired, earth rests. When hungry, earth eats. When stressed out, earth . . . shops.

Fire, in contrast, will keep going until it runs out of gas. lt often can’t even tell that it’s exhausted until it collapses (and even then it expects to rally quickly). Wise earth respects its physical limits. In real life, however, people with a Virgo or Capricorn emphasis in their charts need to monitor their workaholic tendencies, since overwork and other taxing mundane pressures can drain a body’s resources.

It’s the fiery factors of our chart that make us never want to stay still and relax. Fire always looks for more excitement, more action, more hustle and bustle. Earth is an element that carefully plans its activities, but it needs sufficient time to do so. Nothing is to be rushed, since haste makes waste (earth is less forgiving of its dumb mistakes than fire and air are of theirs). Poorly organized folks depend on earthy types to get things finished, and done correctly. As a result, earth can take on more responsibilities than it should. It can carry heavy weight on its shoulders by over-obligating itself, which becomes burdensome.

Remember, earth likes to have things running efficiently and will therefore see all projects to their completion, no matter how demanding (it may complain a lot, but it gets the job done). Nothing is to be left in the air, dangling. All bothersome loose ends are to be wrapped up. Earth can therefore run a tight ship, especially when a deadline is fast approaching. lt’s no wonder that all the other elements tend to leave poor, dependable earth holding the bag. Earth is a sucker for doing the dirty work that no other element wants to touch. Yet earth is quietly confident that it can handle the task and successfully end up with solid results.

A common problem with earth is its tendency to hold back emotions, to restrain feelings that sometimes need proper venting. This kind of self-control makes earth look composed and mild-mannered on the surface. This also gives this element the appearance of awesome strength and composure. No wonder the weak and the easily frazzled are drawn to Rock of Gibraltar earthy types. Still, more animated elements (fire and air) often want to give earth a good shake, and tell it to loosen up. They feel earth needs to show what it’s really going through on the inside for a change, and to start reacting to life more dramatically.

Well, sorry, but earth signs don’t get fired up quickly about anything. They would rather evaluate people and situations with a degree of level-headed calmness and from a safe position if possible (You never know who or what’s going to explode in your face, warns earth). Still, earth needs to work at learning not to repress its emotionality, or even its anger, in favor of playing it safe throughout life by not making waves.

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