dragon horoscopeDragon Horoscopes belong to those born in 1916, 1928, 1940, 1952, 1964, 1976, 1988, 2000, 2012, etc. The Dragon is the only mythical animal in the Chinese Zodiac. Dragon Horoscopes are Yang most closely associated with the Element of Wood. Its colors are black and gold, gemstone Amethyst, and it shares traits with the Aries astrology.

The most powerful and eccentric sign in Chinese astrology, Dragon horoscopes are considered to be the luckiest, and the Dragon’s image, in Jade, is often placed over the doorways of houses. Omnipotent, flamboyant, attractive, full of vitality and strength, it is the symbol of power and wealth, nobility, strength, goodness, immortality, longevity, courage and endurance.

With an extraordinarily intense personality and a great and abiding self-confidence, it is capable of great success, or spectacular failure. A symbol of creativity, it is easily bored and walks away from projects without finishing what it has started. Over-zealous, bossy, loud, and garish, it is angered at the slightest obstacles.

Those souls born into Dragon years easily learn the lessons of unpredictability. Others can only guess which hat the Dragon chooses to wear on any given day. Shrewd and enthusiastic, the Dragon is the sign with the greatest power and the most powerful influences. Unlike the other animals of the Chinese Zodiac, the Dragon is a mythical creature, and the sign of good luck and vital health. Unlike the frightening Dragon of Western mythology, Chinese Dragons are benevolent creatures that live in the heavens and amongst the wind, mist, rain, thunder, and lightning.

A Dragon needs oxygen, freedom, and open space to thrive. Contact with the outdoors and nature is most important for physical and emotional health. Tenacious and captivating, Dragons like to stay in motion, preoccupied, and busy. The Dragon symbolizes life and growth, as reflected in their generous and scrupulous nature. Full of Utopian ideas and bursts of energy, Dragons have the power to influence, to lead, and to impress.

Dragons have a keen intuition and see life as a rainbow of possibilities. Dragons neither require, nor do they seek out, constant reassurance. Confident, ambitious, and brave, a Dragon will work, sometimes from morning until night, in an effort to keep things running properly, and they are capable of taking aggressive action if necessary. This soul will defy obstacle after obstacle in an effort to climb their way to the top of their field.

The most harmonious time of day for Dragons is between 7 a.m.and 9 a.m., when the yang force, still unsteady but awesomely powerful, rises and makes transformations. For those born into Dragon years, each new day is a new page in the diary, a new step toward an idea or project, and they greet life at the peak of their strength in the morning hours.

No matter what Dragons choose to do with their lives, they will shine. It is their nature to excel. The Dragon just cannot help but win. Free spirits make up the majority of those born in Dragon years, and Dragons possess greater intuition than other signs. Accordingto Chinese tradition, the weather conditions at the time of a Dragon’s birth have a great deal of influence on the course of their lives. It is thought that a Dragon born during a storm will lead a tempestuous and hazardous life, possibly involving dangerous or spectacular experiences. One born on a day when the sea (the Dragon’s ancestral home) and the heavens are calm will have a protected existence and a more peaceful nature. Seldom do Dragons enjoy sitting behind a desk. They detest tedious routine, especially being stuck in a web of boring duties and obligations. While Dragon souls hate to take orders, they enjoy giving them, making this the sign of natural leaders.

When Dragon natives feel compelled to speak their mind, watchout. Nothing will silence them. This outspoken nature stems from much youthful yang energy influencing this sign. It is considered a futile effort to fight a Dragon. They feel they have been granted authority by divine right. A wounded Dragon never forgets an insult. Dragons make the most formidable enemies anyone could imagine. Their ruthlessness is matched only by the power of their influence.The best thing to do if in conflict with those born into Dragon years is to avoid them until you can make sincere amends.

The Dragon enjoys being called upon to help when things go wrong. The Dragon will succeed where others have failed both because the word impossible is not in their vocabulary, and because they simply must champion extreme situations. However, this soul can be over-powering, and being unable to give less than their best is exhausting but necessary for them. The best role for a Dragon is as a visionary or prophet and dreamer of Utopian imagery. The worst role is that of diplomat, as Dragons lack tactfulness.

The sky is a favorite place for those born into Dragon years. Favorite leisure activities for Dragons include philosophy, arcane sciences, science fiction, the cosmos, exploration of the universe, or anything that takes them far away from the Earth. This other-worldly nature is most characteristic of the sign.

Unenlightened Dragons can be short-tempered, demanding, and brutally candid. Being a soul of extremes, the Dragons energy channeled negatively can cause great destruction. An egotistic Dragon can be so overbearing one would think they rule by divine right. Another unflattering characteristic of shallow Dragons is infidelity. Dragons are capable of maintaining a completely separate life from their primary relationship, sometimes for years. They seem perfectly capable of keeping their dual life discreet and undetected from an unsuspecting partner.

Egotistic and judgmental behavior represents the Dragons energy being directed in its most unproductive form. Dragons can feel a certain sense of entitlement to say whatever is on their mind, many times with jaw-dropping results. Expressed in its darkest form, this energy becomes easy infatuation, harshness, stubbornness, belligerence, infidelity, impetuousness, and malcontent. The choice lies entirely with the individual. Taken to extreme, borderline personality disorders may develop, and there is a propensity for Dragons to suffer from bipolar disorders.

A Dragon is both lucky and gifted, and they will always find people to believe in them. However, Dragons are sometimes accused of being reckless, getting involved too quickly, and not thinking about future monthly payments. They often fail to see the dishonesty in others; therefore, they get cheated or swindled on occasion. When Dragons have money they tend to spend it quickly. A Dragon’s bank account will often be well filled, but the cash may be withdrawn as quickly as it is deposited. It is a good idea for a Dragon to have the Ox, with their financial foresight, or the scrupulous and honest Pig as a business associate.

Dragons are claustrophobic and need space. Dragons can also become depressed if forced to live in the same mundane surroundings for a long time. If they cannot travel, they certainly need exotic furniture and a change of style often. A mural of a desert island on the livingroom wall or a splash of some bright paint on the walls can do wonders for their peace of mind at home. The perfect abode for this magnificent creature is a fortified castle perched on a rocky ravine, and overgrown with lush grottoes. The Dragon’s love of travel could draw them to these exotic places at some time in their life.

In general, Dragons are physically healthier than most people, but they need to pay attention to dangers relating to stress and the internal struggle of a bipolar temper. Dragon people desire many friends and have an overwhelming need to be loved in order to thrive. Intense and possessive in romance, they are at the same time somewhat doubtful and reserved. Dragon love affairs are magnificently dramatic. They possess plenty of youthful yang energy to keep love alive during the good times, as well as during the occasional thunderstorms.

Those born into Dragon years expect people to look upon them with admiration and to always take their advice. They will stimulate your spirit of competition and taste for conquest. The principal qualities of the Dragon are activity, energy, and, above all, fortune and goodluck. A restrained Dragon can be demanding, impatient, and intolerant. A Dragon who becomes trapped in life with little room to maneuver will suffer and become disillusioned, roaring to be free from the confinement. The infamous temper of this powerful soul can explode in fury when not met with respect. When the thunder and lightning has ended, the rainbow comes, and the Dragon returns once again to their witty, open, and honorable presence.

Many a red-faced parent has learned firsthand how outspoken Dragon children are. Colicky and rather demanding from the day they are born, in the pediatric nursery, Dragon babies will be the first to get fed by virtue of volume. They will be noticed. Dragons are willful and powerful children. This little showman may lack tact at times, but is always reached by sentimentality. The Dragon child feels that certain tasks are beneath them. These kids may balk at taking out the trash, cleaning their rooms, and other boring or mundane tasks. Dragon babies and children are the healthiest and most long-lived of the Zodiac and rarely get sick. They exude vitality. This will not be a clingy or whining child, as even from childhood the Dragon is fiercely independent and self-assured. Many physicians and stage actors were born into Dragon years.

Regarding family affairs, Dragon parents are proud and have no patience for challenges of authority from their children. They are giving of themselves in emotional circumstances, and make compassionate yet stern parents. Dragon parents are also unequaled in their ability to encourage independence in their children. However, Dragon mothers do not like being only relegated to domestic life, and strive to combine family responsibilities with professional aspirations.

The most favorable time of year for the Dragon is mid-May tomid-June, the most vibrant and prosperous months of the year, when flowers are at peak bloom and foliage is lush and green.

As a career choice, the Dragon makes an excellent actor, artist, trial lawyer, gangster, priest, prophet, doctor, or business owner. Being a doer, the Dragon does best in independent professions. They are known to lead demonstrations, crusades, write letters to newspapers, and collect a million signatures on a petition. When it comes to their work, Dragons are determined and committed, but impatient with those who do not share their calling. In business, the Dragon is encouraged to seek partners who match their strength, rather than those less forceful. Tigers and Monkeys can handle well the Dragon’s boldness, and they will work by their side without fear of being engulfed or overshadowed.

Famous Dragon horoscopes include Abraham Lincoln, Che Guevara, Sigmund Freud, John Lennon, Andy Warhol and Mae West.

In spite of being very lucky in love, it is hardly faithful and often by-passes marriage – facing loneliness in old age. Dragon horoscopes are most compatible with the Rat Horoscopes, Snake Horoscopes, Monkey Horoscopesand Rooster Horoscopes. Explore Dragon compatibility and love matches.

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