dog horoscopesDog Horoscopes belong to those born in 1922, 1934, 1946, 1958, 1970, 1982, 1994, 2006, 2018, etc. Dog horoscopes are Yang most closely associated with the Element Metal, and share traits with Libra astrology. Not one for chit-chat, and noted for its sharp tongue, this anxious, tempermental and occasionally irrational sign requires certain amounts of quiet time alone.

Because of their sensitive, guarded natures that need time to warm up to others, and gradually learn to trust; Dogs will initially appear judgmental, coarse and fault finding. Selfish, cold, unemotional, stubborn and eccentric, this Chinese Zodiac sign is nevertheless excellent in business with its keen senses. This puppy always seems to have money.

The Dog is extremely loyal toward those whom they love and intensely ferocious toward their loved one’s enemies, and mixes alertness and
quiet caution with great boldness when defending or protecting those
under their care. The Dog soul personifies some of the most altruistic traits of human nature. Loyal, dependable, and unselfish, a Dog never turns their back on a friend.

Any unfairness sends them into battle mode, and Dogs consider it a personal mission to correct the wrongdoings of others. Where there is disaster and human suffering, Dogs are always on the frontline. With their feet firmly planted, the diffident Dog protests any inequities and strives to correct injustices. At their happiest when they have a humanitarian purpose, the Dog is principled, trustworthy, non-materialistic, and has a strong sense of right and wrong. Those souls born into a year of the Dog make lifetime friends, and their loyalty to others is a key element in thei rcharacter.

They are attractive and animated personalities. However, Dogs are anxious, terrified of rejection, and insecure about their own talents. Egotism is not a part of their emotional make-up, and the self-effacing Dog has difficulty promoting itself. Securing strong external motivation is important for the Dog, who needs to be urged on by trusted supporters.

The Dogs temperament causes them to be very dependent upon their environment. Dog year people tend to be melancholy and discontented. It is therefore critically important for them to select their environment and associates wisely. Dogs are advised to seek positive, stimulating people who are sympathetic to their feelings, reassuring, and highly affectionate.

There are many variations among Dogs, but one propensity that all share is anxiety. Dogs worry about many things. Most of what they do is motivated by worry. There are shy, reclusive Dogs who devote themselves largely to cultivating inner purity, and there are more high-spirited pups who turn their energies outward to investigate the world. The Dog is a keen and penetrating observer.

Brimming with life, Dogs do more than seek the excitement of new experiences; they are interested in understanding the significance of things and promoting social awareness. Given encouragement and inspiration, Dogs will bloom and become entertaining companions who are clever and exuberant. With emotional support, the crusading Dog may literally take on the world, or, at the very least, the neighborhood bully. Those born into Dog years are known for defending those weaker than themselves.

Unenlightened Dogs can be agitated, secretive, and suspicious. Dogs don’t merely take people as they find them, and they can be condescending and moralizing. A Dogs confidence in dealing with other people doesn’t carry over into their private lives, and they can be prone to obsessive, dysfunctional relationships with troubled partners. Caustic words and paranoid behavior represents the Dogs energy being directed in its most unproductive form. Expressed in its darkest form, this energy becomes anxiety, agitation, pessimism, introversion, guarded behavior, criticism, stubbornness, indecision, depression, moralizing, and dependent behavior. The choice lies entirely with the individual. Taken to extreme, masochistic, or anxiety-based personality disorders may develop.

The Dog prefers socializing with one or two close friends. Large social gatherings with unfamiliar people and surroundings make a Dog nervous and uncomfortable. One of the reasons for this uneasiness is their basic mistrust of strangers. This idealistic soul searches for worthy causes and is outraged by cruelty and injustice. A Dog is acutely aware of faults and flaws in others. This natural radar can cause them to become cynical and jump to conclusions, second-guessing to avoid disaster or abandonment. When a Dog enters this jump to conclusions mode, they can over-interpret a loved ones words or actions. Sharp and antagonistic with someone they despise, a Dog will not tolerate anyone who is greedy for power or money, phony, or disloyal.

Always the first to speak out against injustice, the Dogs sharp tongue and caustic remarks can shock and cut to the quick. However, Dogs are pugnacious only when diplomacy has failed. Dogs have a tendency to ask themselves, What is my purpose in life? They are acutely aware of their own weaknesses, and frequently mock themselves with self-effacing humor. No one person could ever be as hard on them as a Dog is on itself. The Dog is devastated by criticism and suffers from deep feelings of self-doubt. This can keep them from taking the first step into uncharted waters. The Dogs brand of anxiety runs deep, and their skin can be thin when chastised.

This animal sign attempts to provide moral support to others, and excels in creating a motivational atmosphere. They are content to work behind the scenes and take up the crosses of others. A distinguishing trait of this sign is a lack of ambition for personal gain, especially financially speaking. When it comes to possessions and portions in life, a Dog will give away the store. One cannot find a more eloquent, sincere advocate for others.

As a baby and young child, little Dogs are known to be part of the syrup of ipecac crowd. Dog children lead the pack in emergency-room visits for ingestion of foreign matter other than food products. Pica, as it is called, is prevalent in Dog-year children. Dog children have a hypersensitive sense of smell. Much to their mothers’ horror, Dog children seem to sniff out medicines, paper products, even bugs and spiders, along with a whole assortment of other quite unappealing odors. On a social level, Dog children add weekly to their entourage, particularly attracting the small, the picked on, and the friendless. Dog children often talk early and tend to be quite precocious. They may even seem like little adults at times. This Jiminy Cricket of the kindergarten sits on the world’s shoulder as a conscience and watchman.

Loving parents should go out of their way to give a little extra encouragement to Dog children, as they tend to be more pessimistic and filled with greater anxiety than other children. While these children are active and friendly, they need a great deal of affection and hand-holding. Parents of Dog children can expect to pull their offspring out of many a scuffle and battle, as these little humanitarians stick up for every outcast in the neighborhood.

Favorite escape places for the Dog are romantic landscapes in remote lands alive with legends. Peaceful places by the fireside, far from the aggravating crowds, are also favorite locations.

The most favorable time of year for the Dog is between mid-November and mid-December, when life and creatures enter a state of dormancy and calm.

As a career choice, the Dog can find happiness as a reformer, a teacher, a religious leader, a judge, or a behind-the-scenes advisor. Law, nursing, missionary, and social work strongly appeal to them. As critics, writers, poets, philosophers, and moralists, the Dog finds motivation. Whatever the career, Dog ideas will be profound and often original, delivered with a passion for expression. Dogs are trusted by their employers, and they are gentle souls who are experts when it comes to calming excited people and creating an encouraging ambiance. It is also said that the Dog will find great success in the field of real estate, especially housing. The Dog dilemma in all career areas will be balancing ongoing conflicts between self-confidence and self-doubt. The Dog must be able to believe in what they are doing and feel committed to a mission or goal if they are to give the best of themselves. This makes them particularly well suited for humanitarian professions and social work.

Some famous Dogs horoscopes include Sharon Stone, Sylvester Stallone, Cher, Michael Jackson, Madonna, Elvis Presley, Mariah Carey, Winston Churchill, Lenin, Voltaire, Socrates, Charles Manson, O.J.Simpson, the artist formally known as Prince, Brigitte Bardot, Prince William and Bill Clinton.

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