Chinese Horoscopes are determined by the Moon‘s motion through the Zodiac rather than by Sun Signs. There are no equivalent constellations as in Western Astrology. The Chinese New Year begins on the second new moon after the Winter Solstice, in late January or early February.

Chinese horoscopes explain the “Ba Gua” used in the Yi-ching (I Ching or Classic of Changes, also known as the Book of Divination). According to Chinese Astrology, the universe is run by a single principle, the Tao, or Great Ultimate. This force is divided into two opposite principles – Yin and Yang. Yin Yang is the basis and all-encompassing force of Asian philosophy and astrology.

The five Planets of Chinese astrology (Venus, Jupiter, Mercury, Mars, Saturn) are assigned one of the 5 Elements (Metal, Wood, Water, Fire, Earth). Based on the 12-year orbit of the planet Jupiter each year is assigned to one of 12 animals with its distinctive, personality characteristics both positive and negative. Each animal occurs 5 times in a complete 60 year cycle (12 x 5 = 60). Even years are Yang and odd years Yin. Thus, someone born on March 27, 1971, would be Yin Metal Boar.

Starting with the Year of the Rat and ending with the Year of the Pig, the current cycle of the Chinese Zodiac began in 1984.

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Scholars in ancient China studied the natural phenomena of the sky to determine their effects on human destiny. An eclipse, foretold bloodshed and fighting in the country. In contrast, a rabbit in the moon (rather than a man) is a good omen. A bright moon indicates that prosperity is at hand.

All phenomena can be understood using yin-yang, which affects the movements of the stars, the workings of the body, the nature of foods, the qualities of music, the ethical qualities of humans, the progress of time, the operations of government and even the nature of historical change.

A fundamental part of Oriental philosophy is the interrelationships among The 5 Elements. The Elements are either Conducive or Controlling. No Element can be called stronger or weaker, they are all dependent on one another and equal.

The animals can be grouped as opposites. Each animal has an opposite and they are: Rat is opposite to Horse, Ox opposite to Goat, Tiger opposite to Monkey, Rabbit opposite to Rooster, Dragon opposite to Dog, and Snake opposite to Pig. This does not mean that animals which are opposites never have successful relationships. Who doesn’t like a little “slap and tickle”? Explore Chinese Compatibility Horoscopes.

Most people know which one of the 12 animals of the Chinese zodiac they are, based on the year they were born. However, nothing in life is quite that simple. Combined with 37 Stars, Chinese horoscopes have millions of possible combinations that all come together to produce an original and unique chart.

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