capricornHardworking and reliable Capricorn is always on the move. Born Dec. 22 – Jan. 19, our Goat-Fish is the Cardinal-Earth sign ruled by the planet of responsibility, duty and hard work Saturn, and the planet of action and desire Mars. Feminine (Yin), color brown and birthstone Garnet, the Capricorn Horoscope shares traits with Chinese Ox Horoscopes.

The Capricorn man like the Capricorn Woman is patient, responsible, trustworthy, shrewd, and persistent, but also possessive, jealous and materialistic. In their personal relationships they are often cold, conservative and ill-at-ease. Goats rarely see the point of personal jokes, hold grudges and can become vengeful. Insecure and unable to think “outside the box”, Capricorn often find themselves trapped by regulations, rules and traditional thoughts and behavior.

Capricorn owns lots of tools to organize the lives they do not have. They love to be seen talking on their cell phones. These phones are not actually turned on because Capricorns don’t have any friends to call. Capricorns are a strange cross between a Leo and a Virgo – anal-retentive with delusions of power. In the event of nuclear war, only cockroaches and Capricorns would find a way to survive. The rest of the Zodiac just wouldn’t want to live in a world like that. They learn how to screw the public over at an early age. Their parents buy them law books for Christmas so they can become familiar with legal loopholes. Capricorns cannot fathom, much less describe, philosophical concepts because they don’t involve equations.

Ruling the knees, bones and skin, people of this sign typically have straight and dark hair, steady eyes, a dark complexion, capable hands and prominent cheekbones. Capricorns will develop good eating habits at an early age that will stay with them as adults. They are actively competitive in sports with an aggressive determination to win. Being half-fish, they especially enjoy swimming.

The Capricorn horoscope associated with hard work and business affairs, is practical, prudent, has great common sense and is very ambitious and disciplined. Capricorns believe that success that comes easy isn’t success – that one must work hard and conform to society’s standards. A methodical sure-footed climber who rocks when he/she is focused on a plan of action and working step by step toward a goal, it always gets to the top of the mountain.

The initial spark of personal self-interest symbolized by Aries has by now gone through a major process of maturation by the time we arrive at the Capricorn stage of development. One result of this is an awareness of our individual responsibility to help build a strong society based on enduring collective values. Social structure on a large scale is what interests the Goat. Sagittarius gave us the vision and thei deals needed to theoretically improve the human condition, but Capricorn provides the organizational know how to make worthy social dreams come true. The Goat is ready to deal with the masses on a serious, committed basis, typically by taking on offices of leadership and responsibility.

Capricorn is associated with big business, the establishment and the economy. Capricorn is an energy that promotes professional ambitions and hard work. The focus gets directed based on whether the individual has the ability to impulsively express the self (Aries), the emotional identity is nurtured (Cancer), the social and intellectual identity is connected (Libra) or the tangible manifestation of our identity is recognized (Capricorn).

As part of a T-Square or Grand Cross, the Apex Planet’s sign will zero in on where integration of the focal point will be (Aries = identity of self, Cancer = identity through emotions, Libra = identity through social connections, Capricorn = identity through accomplishments, Aries = individual identity, Cancer = emotional identity, Libra = social identity, Capricorn = accomplishments and tangible, material expressions of identity.

The sign of the Apex Planet will indicate where the point of focus and integration will be (Aries = individual identity; Cancer = emotional identity; Libra = social identity; Capricorn = accomplishments and tangible, material expressions of identity). On the Cosmic Stage from one side enters Pluto – power, eliminate, transformation and regeneration (will be in the sign of Capricorn). Pluto continues its transit through Capricorn in 2010, and we will continue to see the increase of government power and large institutions/corporations.

Capricorn compatibility must recognize cardinal-earth as a dynamic mix of duty (earth) and the push to make things happen (cardinal). Capricorn can be assertive in how it tries to take control over societal matters, and is ambitious and eager to merit approval from those already operating from high positions. Capricorn vows to make society a safe and orderly place for its hardworking, lawabiding members. One way to ensure this, at least in Capricorn’s eyes, is to set up rules and regulations designed to keep the masses from creating instabilities that could lead to anarchy. The Goat’s worst nightmare is a lawless world run amok.

Someone’s got to be in charge of it all. Thus, the roles people play in life, especially our professional roles are very important to Capricorn. Everyone must serve a needed social function and be productive if society is to keep from falling apart. Capricorn is aware of Sagittarius’ many inspired social theories, but the wise Goat will only implement those few broad-based concepts that have practical, timely value. This is perhaps the most realistic, no-nonsense sign of the zodiac, and one that doesn’t want to waste its energy in the pursuit of unworkable objectives. Capricorn has a healthy regard for things that endure, things that start off having a solid framework. Dealing with such worldly issues is serious business to the well organized Goat, who truly feels its mission in life is to help chart the course of collective development in sound and sane ways.

Starting with Sagittarius, the life themes of the last four signs become increasingly people oriented on more impersonal levels. The needs of the masses are considered more important than those of the individual. It has been commonly observed that Capricorn enters the world possessing a wisdom normally reserved for the elders of any tribe, not its youngest members.

It’s not so much what the Goat says at an early age that gives this impression of being a sage, since Capricorn tends to be reserved in youth and may not even flow with words, it’s that this sign has a savvy way of sizing up adults in a manner that allows it to partake of their world much earlier on than the other signs. Capricorn studies power roles in society and finds the benefits of all prestigious positions quite appealing. It is thus willing to behave in the self-disciplined, obedient manner needed to claim such power and privilege for itself. Amazingly, many Goat types understand all this by the time kindergarten rolls around.

Young Capricorn types know that grownups are suckers for a well-behaved child, one who also just so happens to be an expert at kissing up to authorities to gain their respect and admiration. This may sound opportunistic, yet it’s not due to being phony, since Capricorn naturally excels in calculated behavior, a byproduct of its cautious disposition. It doesn’t like feeling out of control, and shows un-childlike restraint and composure. It also aims to please, although not in a Libran sense, where the specific goal is to be loved and liked. The Goat instead caters to the expectations of others in hopes of making a good impression, one that later pays off when embarking on the road to worldly success.

Capricorn, very concerned about its reputation, will work hard to make sure its credentials are impeccable, how can it expect to enter society’s upper echelons without them? Even at a tender age, this sign knows it has dues to pay before it will be allowed to become somebody important in life, nothing comes for free in the Goat’s world, and certainly not without dedicated effort. Much has been made of Capricorn’s tendency to be so one-pointed about its ambitions that it can become cold-hearted, ruthless, and power-driven. In real life, most Capricorn types know, historically speaking, that brutal dictators in society eventually fall from power in a state of disgrace, and are forever hated for having suppressed the masses. This is not what the Goat wants for itself – a humiliating ending and a permanent stain on its standing in the world.

Still, in professional matters when operating in the seat of command Capricorn can appear as the stern parent who’s always ready to crack the whip or lay down the law. It demands focus and efficiency from all involved. Work as hard as I do if keeping your position means anything to you, warns the Goat authority in charge. Capricorn can thus become a hard taskmaster who can intimidate weaker souls or those who lack direction. It’s not trying to scare anyone needlessly, it simply wants the best performance possible from those it employs or does business with.

There’s a low tolerance for incompetent folks who mess up and indirectly make the Goat look bad. Yet behind this apparent bossy streak, and this need to socially advance, is this sign’s underlying belief that its destiny involves contributing something meaningful and lasting to society. It knows it’s not here to live merely for itself, but instead to help build something that is of social worth to many, something that benefits the world.

Capricorn knows its goals require it to keep climbing the mountain of ambition until it reaches the summit. It’s only from this peak that it can demonstrate its expert skills of management and organizational enterprise. And it is driven to act in honorable ways that earn society’s praise. It may seem tough and determined when achieving its set goals, but integrity is on its side.

The Goat’s humility is not always apparent, but it keeps this sign grounded, no matter how successful its life turns out. Capricorn also has a side to it that wants to be recognized as somebody special, except that it is not always sure if its worthy of such elevated status. Leo never doubts that it’s a born superstar, but the more down-to-earth Goat frowns on those who unnecessarily show off their greatness. It also believes nothing in life is to be given freely on a silver platter. If anything, Capricorn’s early introduction to the limitations of the world left an indelible impression. Climbing to the top in society requires constant struggle and perseverance and most of all, surefootedness.

Bouts of self-doubt and discouragement plague the Goat, yet surges of inner strength and fortitude compel it to become a high achiever, one who can surpass all former limitations. None of this comes about because of sheer will. Capricorn works unendingly at whatever it eventually becomes famous for. Being a cardinal sign, it always feels it needs to accomplish more and more. Cardinal signs sometime never know when to quit pushing.

Not all Capricorn types are born to experience fame, at least not in a glamorous, Hollywood sense but they do need to feel sincerely recognized for their dedicated efforts within their chosen fields of social contribution. Career status typically becomes important, as do all the perks that come with social prominence (like Leo, the Goat demands first-class treatment, but only once it has earned it). Yet if all this is apparently not forthcoming, and the Goat will patiently wait before finally giving up, a sense of being defeated by a cold, uncaring world can create bitterness and a slump of depression (even reaching the top and then disappearing from the spotlight, due to events beyond the Goats control, can prove devastating). Smarter Capricorn types sense that fame may come at a steep price, so they’re careful not to want it too much, but if the Fates and the public insist, well, that’s another story.

Maybe, due in part to its association with the winter solstice and Saturn, Capricorn represents things that are on the chilly side. Coldness at least suggests a lack of surface heat. The Goat may not appear warmly emotional, and can seem a bit icy in temperament, especially when it has been humiliated in public and its first instinct is to withdraw (even if it instead stands firm and aggressively defends its honor). Yet, like Pisces, the Goat can be a chameleon, in that it easily slips into socially appropriate behaviors that others expect under certain conditions (meaning that Capricorn can effectively appear convivial in social circumstances that call for an engaging outgoingness). Capricorn doesn’t feel it’s faking anything here. It is simply adapting to the requirements of the moment in ways that give it the advantage needed to succeed in its ambitions.

This, again, is not considered phoniness on Capricorn’s part, it’s a strategic move. The Goat always has darn good reasons for behaving the way it does, yet seldom is it ever truly caught off guard in a manner that exposes its hidden vulnerabilities. Still, its cool and reserved side can lead others to assume that Capricorn is uncaring (the same could be said of its opposite sign, Cancer – at least on those moody days when the Crab uses its shell as a shield). The Goat seems to be all business in its demeanor, leaving the impression that although crisp, efficient, and tightly organized is as Capricorn, it is somewhat flat in its feeling nature.

Earth signs never go too crazy with the expression of emotion, yet Capricorn is such a traditionalist who’s sentimental about things of the past that it can get awkwardly misty-eyed. That’s how we know the Goat’s heart is not made of tin. It’s just that Capricorn normally sees the world as a place that can hurt those who forget to wear their protective suit of armor in public. And thus, the Goat’s soft and cuddly parts are guarded and seldom exhibited.

Capricorn is one of two signs that astrology associates with parental attitudes in this case, paternal ones (it’s the sign of the father archetype). Cancer, the other sign, deals with the archetypal role of mother and other related maternal themes.

Famous Capricorn horoscopes include Nostradomus, Howard Hughes, Johannes Kepler, Elvis Presley, Joseph Stalin, J.R. Tolkien, Mel Gibson, Isaac Newton, Richard Nixon, Al Capone, Muhammad Ali, Joan of Arc, Martin Luther King, Cary Grant, Kevin Costner, Edgar Allen Poe, J. Edgar Hoover, and Mao Tse Tung.

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