capricorn womanThe Capricorn Woman is sexually repressed, straight-laced conservative, goal oriented, and inwardly “freaky”. In a new encounter, the Capricorn woman will likely open the conversation with, “What do you do for a living?”. You’ll need brains, technique and a toned bod to win this cousin of Pan, and without the big “O”, you’re history. Capricorn compatibility spotlights our driven, vulnerable, elegant and fearful, “late-bloomer”. When in love, the Capricorn horoscope reveals an angel at large, a temptress in bed, a secure empress in her company; and she may, for a time be a mirror image of her mate. Gifted with the powers of persuasion, anticipation, and old—fashioned courtesy toward her lover, Capricorn is prepared to smooth the way for gracious living and loving. She may craft original, funny items for her man’s desk, to remind him of her. She may design their bedroom for comfort and passion. She will certainly learn to cook all his favorite dishes and serve them with elegance.

She will probably visit his mother to find out what pleased him as a baby, and she may try to recreate the past through stimuli associated with earlier pleasures. If her man loved breast-feeding, for example, she will probably dress to enhance her bosom. If he is a leg man, she may buy slit skirts. If he grew up pulling on his mother’s long locks, she may wear her hair long. If he feared the dark as a child, she will make sure to have extra lights and candles available. As a lover, she combines the practical with the romantic.

The Capricorn Woman is usually excellent at working with her hands. Handmade gifts or the transformation of a bachelor’s digs into an instant love nest are among the signs of her affection. She is good at creating an ambiance of safety and privacy to shelter her and her man. She is mindful of important details like having his favorite records and his preferred brand of liquor available and keeping a supply of logs for the fireplace. She may even buy a special cushion just for him. She may spend lots of time fantasizing about their dream house, and she may end up designing it herself. But don’t look for her to clean the corners and crevices meticulously; she will not be interested.

She is a sensualist for whom being in love may provide the first opportunity to explore this tendency. Earlier she may have denied herself sensuous pleasures that may now sneak up on her and demand overtime. ln love, she is glad to oblige. She often becomes a gourmet cook and popular hostess. She basks in the attention of socially prominent people, and she wants to make her man proud of her. The shadow cast by her longing to be accepted, especially by men, is not likely to be totally erased.

There seem to be two main Capricorn reactions to partying and socializing. One type of Capricorn lady adores parties and can barely tolerate being alone. She may react to every crisis in her or her mate’s life by throwing a big bash. Nothing is too fancy or costly for her, and the more frantic the party-giving becomes, the deeper the trouble may be. The other type goes to the opposite extreme. She prefers to ignore invitations and would rather stay home reading quietly by her husband’s knee. She wants home to be an inviolable oasis from the cares of the world, and she may resent anything she construes as an interference, Parties she may rank as a manor nuisance, second only to her husbands overnight travels away from home.

As long as the merger works, the Capricorn Woman is the most loyal, steadfast, devoted, reliable lover on earth. No man could hope for a woman more in love. She has stars in her eyes and a rainbow painted on the bedroom ceiling in his favorite fluorescent colors. Musk and perfume Fill the air, spring is always around the corner, the plants learn to sing back to her, the kitchen hums with secret self-indulgent delights, and the bed creaks with insistent regularity. She looks smashing, feels great, is bright-eyed with the promise of a never-ending, happily shared future.

If the merger fails, she withdraws her deposit and demands her investment back, with interest, This is a sad and bitter time indeed, as the cold winds of winter chill the affected hearts. But for Capricorn especially, there are many, many tomorrows.

The Capricorn Woman typically displays the following patterns in her sexual relationships:

  • l. Delayed sexual activity and involvement. The few Capricorn women who are sexually active earlier than seventeen or eighteen may run the risk of disillusionment. Capricorn’s native puritanical streak and hidden romanticism usually demand devotional love, not easy flings.
  • 2. Crushes on older boys and later on older men. Capricorn is usually very careful about “going all the way.” Most likely, she will reserve her soul, if not her body, for a very special relationship.
  • 3. Early marriage in the hopes of a total merger. If she takes this route, she is likely to do so with high hopes but somewhat blindly. If not, she may marry quite late or stay single.
  • 4. Capricorn is very likely to choose a man who, in the long run, will not be right for her. It may work for awhile, until her needs change. When natural ambitions and restlessness come to the fore, the marriage too must bend and change, or it will falter. The Capricorn Woman finds it very difncult to let go of a marriage or any important relationship with a man, even if it is no longer working. Most encounter heavy going at some point in their lives and are forced to confront their own dependence/independence conflict. This must be handled wisely, or else much unhappiness results.
  • 5. Mid-Life period of reexamination. Capricorn has an especially strong need to take stock of herself at this stage in her development. In some cases, ending a relationship is necessary to make way for emotional growth.
  • 6. Maturation and blossoming Between forty and forty-live. The Capricorn Woman is most likely to come into her own in every respect. She is probably more self—confident than ever. This is probably the best time of her life, and the easiest from the point of view of lasting romantic relationships. lf she no longer has the naive hopes of youth, she has the maturity of faith. By now, she has usually reached a point where she [eels she can truly adapt, make it on her own without guilt or blame. The greatest love of her life may appear when she is least anxious and has given up looking.

The Capricorn Woman is both a pragmatist and a romantic. She wants to make a solid investment when she contracts for a romantic commitment, Therefore, she wants a man worthy of it.

She is usually attracted to older men, perhaps as a result of her bond with Daddy, perhaps because older men tend to be more powerful. She wants a man who is a solid citizen, mobile and ambitious in his Field. She wants to be proud and secure in the knowledge that she has chosen well, She also wants him to appreciate her efforts to prod and groom him for social and economic growth.

But money and social power are not likely to be enough for this secret passion flower. She usually also wants a man who is durable and passionate. She does not wish to be stranded on the shores of single-hood when she is blossoming in middle or late middle age, She wants a man with stamina who considers living – and living with her — a fascinating challenge.

Because she feels she lacks flair, she may wish for a mate who has it in abundance, Her ideal man combines pillar-of-the-community status with the irresistible dash of Robert Redford, the vulnerable, sexy charm of Johnny Depp, and the spotlight-grabbing power of Mel Gibson. He is also a sensitive man who is nevertheless tough enough to be a winner, He may be difficult to find, and she may have to do plenty of grooming and prodding. Nevertheless, nobody can accuse Capricorn of giving up easily.

She wants her mate to take care of her financially and to wrap her in silk and fur against her own fears, mostly of poverty and loneliness. She makes plenty of attempts to find such a man and may do so. Yet, when it comes to satisfying the romantic side of her nature, the Capricorn Woman has a harder time.

She frequently dreams of a business magnate or a famous poet with the money and prestige to make her feel protected and noticed, but she also is likely to want a man who will sit with her by the hearth and forgo extra work when she needs him. She desires a mate who knows how to let sex unfold in its own slow rhythms until her submerged passions rise to a crescendo. In brief, Lady Capricom is bound to be looking for the rare successful man who is also sensitive in the area of romance and sex.

The young Capricorn should be very clear on her priorities. Are you looking above all for security or romance? Be aware that your priorities, your needs, will change as you change and grow, You may want a “Daddy” to take care of you now, but if he proves to be too dull or stultifying in five years, what are the chances of the relationship surviving?

The young Capricorn Woman must also be aware of her latent quest for glamor. She normally considers herself sedate and on the conservative side, and she usually unconsciously seeks a man who has charm and a seductive, easy air of conviviality. He may be exciting and glamorous, but he may also turn out to be a cad. She may to have a fling with him, perhaps to glamorize herself, but, he will not fulfill her strong security needs and will probably be unable to keep her respect in the long run.

As a general guideline, using astrological types rather than sun signs, the Capricorn Woman can expect to make money with Aquarius, to be mentally attracted to Gemini and Leo (expect conflict), to have secret doubts and fears about Sagittarius, to be fascinated by and drawn to Cancer (expect lots of compromises), to be sexually magnetized by Virgo and Taurus. She may have to be careful with Aries and Libra, both of whom want to control as much territory as she does, and she may enjoy Pisces and dominate the relationship.

The Capricorn Woman is a born climber. She is bound to succeed in any area of life, but she must conquer her own black moods and their major source, her fear. She fears many things. She is frightened of being unloved, alone, ill, and poor. She may fear life itself, with its risks and emotional demands. At times she may be afraid to love, for she has trouble letting go in the face of uncontrollable feeling without the guarantee of just return.

Saturn, her ruling planet, universally ensures the Capricorn woman of early struggles in love but also just about guarantees rewards for loving acts. Love under the influence of Saturn may be difficult but will eventually turn out to be binding and true.

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