Capricorn-Pisces Compatibility may appear, on the surface, to be a case of opposites attracting. Pisces, dreamy and emotional, takes on the needs of those around them, while Capricorn, with a very solid work ethic, is down-to-earth and regimented. However, Capricorn-Pisces compatibility horoscopes exhibit a relationship that is honest and devoted to one another. Pisces admires the tenacity and ready wit of Capricorn. The Sea-Goat is drawn in by Fishes’ kind nature.

As the two aren’t generally quick recognizing its progression, the relationship may evolve slowly. It will get stronger with time. A Capricorn-Pisces love match can be fulfilling and rewarding, once they wrap their heads around the idea. Most problems arise when Capricorn becomes too domineering for Pisces’s sensitive nature. Pisces will need to understand that these are not personal attacks, just Capricorn’s style.

Cappy’s stubbornness will not sit well with Pisces fluid personality, but patience and love can deal with it. Capricorn’s need for material goods and a neat and tidy home is well satisfied by Pisces’ “nesting” tendencies and desire for domestic bliss.

Pisces is governed by an intriguing combination of grand Jupiter and deep Neptune. Capricorn is ruled by conservative, responsible Saturn, the planet of authority and dedication. Ethics standards and higher learning come by way of Jupiter, while Neptune, the planet of dreams and illusions influences Pisces’ life and world views. With a well balanced sense of justice, compassion and dedication, these three Planets complement one another nicely.

Pisces is a Water Sign, and Capricorn an Earth sign. Earthy signs are about possessions, and both partners enjoy comfortable surrounding with plenty of material objects to show off their achievements and sophistication. In an interestingly passive way, watery Pisces, relying on intuition and emotion, is the fueling force behind this relationship. The shared love of a comfortable yet fancy home life guarantees that this couple is on the high road to romantic and domestic success..

Pisces is a Mutable Sign, and Capricorn a Cardinal Sign. While Capricorn tends to tunnel vision, focusing on one project at a time, Pisces smoothly backstrokes from one idea or activity to another as the feeling strikes them. Being so flexible, Pisces may become absorbed in Capricorn’s projects. However, Capricorn needs to recognize and grant to Pisces the freedom to occupy themselves with many things at once, and not get miffed when Pisces grows bored with something that Capricorn is riveted on. Consistent Capricorn will persist with Pisces’ projects even after fishy has paddled on to something else. In exchange, Pisces can demonstrate to Capricorn that flexibility, on occasion, can be better than iron determination in accomplishing goals.

What’s the best aspect of Capricorn-Pisces compatibility astrology? It’s their unique, rare blend of personalities. Both mates love sharing their lives with someone else, and both enjoy helping the other achieve their goals. These differences in temperaments make their love match a highly compatible union. Explore Capricorn compatibility with the other Zodiac Signs. Back to the top of Capricorn-Pisces Compatibility.