Capricorn-Leo Compatibility exhibits an extreme devotion between these two in a mutually, supportive union. Capricorn is harder working, and more conservative and traditional in outlook. Leo is a believer in hard work also, but tends to get things done through their considerable social skills and charm. Capricorn-Leo compatibility horoscopes may not appear promising on the surface, but, affection and love will grow as this couple uncovers their similarities. Both enjoy pampering and comfort and working toward goals. Leo and Capricorn both relish material possessions, and the spotlight.

While Capricorn is simpler and of a more classical nature, Leo will be outrageous. But, because both are so persistent, with a little bit of attention, they will identify and respond to one another. Both will soon discover that they have a lot to learn from each other. Leo will show Capricorn a fun time and Capricorn can show Leo the value of traditional values and hard work.

The practical and prudent Capricorn, who is a bit of a snob, will stress Leo’s enthusiastic and romantic personality. Reserved Capricorn won’t tell Leo how much they appreciate them (even when they do), which will irk the king. And, Capricorn won’t be impressed much with Leo’s theatrics and dramatic style. Moreover, Capricorn and Leo both have dominating personalities and want to be in charge.

The radiant Sun rules the golden cat, while gloomy Saturn lords over Capricorn. The Sun is about self and ego, beaming warmth, light, and enthusiasm. Saturn is about structure, responsibility and hard work. These two have much to learn from their diversity. Saturn represents tenacity, and the Sun life – a good combination. And, as long as this pare is willing to accept each other, their union is a positive one that will result in many realized goals and dreams.

Capricorn is an Earth Sign, and Leo a Fire Sign. Everyone knows that earth smothers fire. Leo needs creative freedom, while Capricorn craves stability and professional security. However, as long as they affectionately reassure each other of their importance and worth, their disagreements will not destroy the relationship. Capricorn are a thoroughly stubborn Earth sign who do not easily open their hearts. Much patience is needed with the billy goat, who often must be approached obliquely and not head on. Cappy will finally come around, but not very quickly.

Capricorn is a Cardinal Sign, and Leo a Fixed Sign. Both are ambitious, stubborn, and opinionated. Persevering, they’ll stick to a plan until their goals are accomplished. The Goat prefers the status quo and would rather that life to be logical and predictable, with no surprises. Leo luuvz shaking things up with everything new, exciting, and surprising. But, love will conquer all, and once these two realize how dynamic and strong is the Capricorn-Leo compatibility astrology, they will devote themselves to preserving and protecting this love match. Explore Capricorn compatibility with the other signs of the Zodiac. Back to the top of Capricorn-Leo Compatibility.