capricorn horoscopeThe Capricorn Horoscope (Dec 22 – Jan 20) has a certain connection with big business and wealth, but it is wealth gained through hard work, discipline and wisdom rather than through any type of magic. The Capricorn horoscope is epitomized in Benjamin Franklin’s (Jan 17) famous maxim, “Early to bed and early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy, and wise.”

Ruled by dead-serious Saturn, the name Capricorn comes from the Latin Capricornus (goat horn). According to Greek myth a goat owned by the nymph Amalthea suckled the newborn Zeus. Zeus later broke off one of the goat’s horns and gave it to the nymph, promising her anything she wished from the horn. This is the famed Cornucopia, or horn of plenty.

Capricorn man has a self-made brick wall built around him. A bundle of contradictions, he is laid-back, but fiercely ambitious when required. Financial security always comes first with him. He experiences a reverse aging process. Sober as an owl in his youth, he relaxes slowly as he matures. Reverent about family ties, he looks for a secure relationship, and takes his time falling in love. He suffers in romantic relationships because he detests mushy, dreamy declarations of love, but once tutored and guided in the fine act of love, he becomes the companion every woman craves.

The Capricorn Woman has a sensible, practical manner, and a steely that will collar and nail the right man. She values authority, respect, security, and position. She seems even-tempered and steady, but that is just a front. She will flare up when she gets hot under the collar. She needs to be convinced of complete commitment, before she dives into a relationship. Unusually attractive, she is nonetheless insecure about her appearance, and needs constant assurances that she is pretty. An excellent wife with a tight hand and a firm grip on reality, she runs a smooth home.

Capricorn endeavors to climb to the summit of mountains, but in a cautious, practical, step-by-step, self-sufficient manner. Known as organizers and planners, capable of infinite patience, they tend to be conservative, reserved, sober, and highly motivated. Generally, they view pleasure-seeking as a waste of time. Intensely loyal, Capricorn will go out of their way to repay a kindness. Few people understand that this sign’s fish tail (indicating emotional water) bespeaks a highly sensitive side which is obscured beneath their reserved exterior.

Key words that describe the goat-fish are unforgiving, cold, inhibited, self-pity, irritable, timid in action, powerful, laborious, forceful, concentrative, cautious, thrifty, scrupulous, economical, conservative, trustworthy, stubborn, domineering, detailed thinkers, brooding, egotistic, fatalistic, good friends and bad enemies, and a mind that rules the heart too completely.

Mature and extremely serious, they are capable of assuming responsibilities and do so willingly. Others expect them to be dutiful as a matter of course. They may get upset when people are rewarded after not having labored nearly as hard as they have. An achiever and goal-oriented they are justifiably proud of the tangible results of their achievements.

They are not a fast workers, but thorough, and known for being unusually tireless, persistent, and tenacious in reaching their goals. When working, they tend to have a type of tunnel vision that allows them to block out extraneous elements that would distract others. Their ability to concentrate totally on the matter at hand allows them to be efficient and practical and at structuring and managing complex, ongoing projects.

Disciplined, serious, and quietly ambitious, they are driven to prove themselves and to achieve material success. Their work, contributions to society, and position in the world are very important to them. They will persevere through enormous frustration and hardship in order to reach a goal they have set for themselves, and often sacrifice much in home life and areas of personal relationships in order to do so.

Quiet, thoughtful, and self-contained, they do not easily show their inner feelings and needs. They seem to be always capable, efficient, in control, and strong. Often the person in the group or family who is given more work and responsibility than the others, they’re thoroughly conscientious and even as children possess great soberness, maturity, and worldly wisdom.

Basically a pragmatic realist, and even though they may have all sorts of ideals, dreams, and colorful theories, they feel that the ultimate reality of a concept is its practical utility. Along with their business sense and an innate shrewdness, there is also a bit of the cynic as well.

Clear-headed, objective and detached, they are not swayed by emotional dramatics. Often authoritarian, they are strictly fair, but lack mercy. A great respecter of tradition, if they do not agree with particular laws, they will abide by them none the less, or work to change them, but never blatantly disregard them. Conservative and careful, they play by the rules.

Quiet, deep, subtle, understated, not easy to know intimately, and never superficial, they are modest and sometimes overly self-critical. Allowing themselves (and others) permission to be spontaneous and silly, to feel, to play, and to be vulnerable and weak sometimes, isn’t easy for them.

Capricorn strong points are patience, tenacity, depth and thoroughness, and faithfulness. Their faults are inflexibility – a tendency to be rigid and too serious. Major Capricorn traits are integrity, a sense of personal honor, character, and morality. These all boil down to the power of will to dominate every other facet of their natures, including their emotions. Capricorn’s elemental vitality and all-consuming activity is the accomplishment of great works. They may be private work, such as quietly doing what’s right regardless of practical or social pressures, or they may be public, like building a career that exhibits the best of what they are.

Capricorn lives by a few simple truths … at least simple to them. Be careful, keep a stiff upper lip, and do what’s right. They will express their feelings, but they won’t allow them to do the decision-making. Those are all fine qualities, and when life is hard, Cappy shines. But, they must be careful not to use them inappropriately, otherwise, they put themselves in pointless emotional exile. They often need to let themselves go a bit and do something daring, if only to stop everyone from thinking that they’re a pompous asses. Still, very few (if anyone) will ever get within a light-year of their human heart. As the sign of the Hermit, there is a theme of solitude in their life. That doesn’t mean loneliness. Their solitude has more to do with privacy and self-sufficiency. Love is certainly healthy for them, but it’s the neediness on their part that leads inevitably toward emotional isolation and frustration.

Self-preservation sharply carried into aspiration and ambition and is the key to Capricorn activity. Not satisfied with simply keeping body and soul together, Capricorn must have some achievement to point to, some property to manage, or some obligation to fulfill. His mind is artfully balanced between attack and defense; he will seldom risk either, but will advance his life by stepping from one to the other. Since he will never willingly step backward, he first thrust his security a little higher than his ambition, and then his ambition a little in advance of his security, till finally he is at the pinnacle of the heap and has taken little risk at all. He is careful and worldly; selfish, but capable of great commitment if he thinks it is deserved; a stickler for the proprieties. He drives a hard deal, but not an unjust one, and he expects no mercy from anyone. He has an abundance of suspicion, and figures that whoever can “put one over” on him warrants what he gets.

Not the most impassioned of signs in personal relations, Capricorn’s love is still a desirable thing, steady and stable, able to put up with a great deal for the sake of loyalty if not exactly for affection. He will not marry beneath his status, and often marries above it. He understands that it’s just as easy to love a rich girl as a poor one. He is an outstanding executive and will not long continue subordinate. He manages by instinct and sometimes provokes those he rules to anger. He has little interest in considering their point of view or responding to their questions, and believes that “orders are orders”:

When required, Capricorn can be meek and mild as a lamb, but he’s ready to quickly take the foreman’s job if he gets half a chance. Once there, however, he can be extravagantly charitable. He loves the feeling of importance it gives him, the sense that he has forced the world give to him, and now he can bear to give something back to it. Underlying all his faults and virtues is the primary instinct to justify himself with power, to preserve himself substantially in the highest structure he can rear; and if some ill fortune in the horoscope doesn’t sabotage his judgment (which it often does) and incites him to overplay his hand at some decisive point, he generally comes out with the world or some goodly portion of it at his feet. The picture of the mountain goat steadily mounting to the top is a common impression of Capricorn. Capricorn has the ability to develop a project and carefully execute it. Capricorn is often deadly serious and humorless.

One specific trait that is central to the Capricorn personality is mental and emotional detachment. The most consistent aspect of Capricorn seems to be its faculty of looking at everything objectively, as if through a camera, rather than slanted by one’s personal interests and tastes. The detachment and objectivity of Capricorn gives the ability to develop plans and strategies that work. Detachment and objectivity are traits that we relate with older people and accounts for Capricorn’s maturity. This is completely opposite to Scorpio’s motivation to fully bond with and involve itself so strongly that it becomes one with the person or experience, or Cancer’s close bond to loved ones. Capricorn astrology can be too impersonal and dry. In relationships, the Capricorn horoscope is loyal and responsible, but does not bond as strongly as most other zodiac signs, lacking in deep feelings. Explore Capricorn Compatibility with all the Zodiac Signs.

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