capricorn compatibilityCapricorn Compatibility must understand the Sea-Goat’s determination to control their own lives. Focusing on restraint, discipline, goals, achievement and success, they have taken on responsibilities from a very early age, and are doggedly determined to realize their dreams. They seldom feel satisfied unless they have a sense of accomplishment. Capricorn compatibility is easier when they can make the rules, or at least, enforce them. A decidedly, practical approach to life renders them equally at home in the work place, or making necessary repairs to a sparking toaster. Ruled by Saturn, Capricorn is feminine (Yin), negative, Cardinal, and Earth.

So, how do the other Zodiac Signs match-up with Capricorn in the romance department?

Living with and accepting the relentless drive of the Capricorn Horoscope is a huge challenge. Once they sets their sights on a target, stopping, and stepping back is not an option. As a girl, they heard that it was the male who could accomplish positively anything in the world, and they resented it because they always thought that they had what was needed to be recognized and respected too. The theory that it’s a “man’s world,” only left her doubting her own sense of self. Her practical nature of reasonable self-control, taught her early on that her authority would be expressed differently than a man’s. she understood that it’s not so much about submission of will, but instead more about the manner which would give her the power to conduct her own life and favorably affect the lives of others.

The Sun in Capricorn adds an elevated business sense to their personality, and they love the idea of developing a career path. As a school administrator, business executive, teactheir, administrative assistant, merchant or accountant they will outperform the competition. Positions which permit them to be in control are best. Although they will follow orders, they’d prefer to give them. Timid, lecherous, inconstant, and cruel, they is also discriminating, just, sometimes passionate, and a good conversationalist if they put their mind to it. They are a traditionalist by nature.

Capricorn is a Cardinal Sign, which means they are better at starting projects than finishing them. An Earth Sign, they are “cold” and “dry.” The “dry” aspect means, among other things, that they see distinctions easily, and that they are more swayed by rational argument than by emotion. They are perceived as being “cold,” with a dispassionate outward appearance. “Cold and dry” is a better description than simply “cold”, because, a “cold” type is basically lethargic, or slow to react. “Cold”, does however, make it hard for them to overlook slights. Because they’re not inclined to lash out immediately, their anger builds up. Combined with the tendency to be “dry,” and prefer the reasonable approach, they can find themselves completely out of touch as their emotions run rampant. Being a four-footed sign, they can be violent or vicious when angered. Associated with the bones, Capricorn is susceptible to bone and joint problems, particularly in the knees.

Being ruled by Saturn, the planet of obstruction, makes them suspicious and jealous of the motives of others. Hence, they are very partial to detective work, where secret practices are employed to trap others, and persistence is called for to ferret out a mystery. they will follow a trail with unwavering perseverance and unerring instinct, and never abandon the chase as long as there’s the slightest chance of success.

They make a good friend and an unyielding enemy, for they find it difficult to forgive a real or fancied injury or offense, and will brood over any imagined or actual wrong done to them. “Afflicted”, Capricorn will be merciless and vengeful, and by secondary ruler Mars able to shed blood to satisfy a score. On the other hand, honor, justice, and purity hold them steady on course too, once they give their friendship or confidence.

Very ambitious, they have splendid executive ability because of the unusual qualities of concentration and forethought conferred by Saturn. they are born organizers and leaders, but chaff under restrictions and particularly dislikes taking orders from others. When they are placed in an inferior position and cannot have their way they become pessimistic, irritable, gloomy, taciturn, moody, and given to worry. Some occupations that a Capricorn might consider are administrator, CEO, coach, commissioner, economist, governor, mountain climber, office manager, professional, and programmer.

Suspicion and ambition are their ruling characteristics, along with an inordinate need for recognition of their claims to advancement and superiority. Suspicions that others are withholding the coveted prize or subverting their designs causes them much needless worry, and may result in habitual despondency, particularly if Saturn is badly aspect-ed. They should make a concerted effort from childhood on to always seek out amusements, and cultivate a sense of the humorous, for this is one of the most melancholy of the zodiac signs, and needs every possible inspiration.

Aries is the Capricorn love match, and their polar opposite is Cancer. Traditional, reserved and cautious, Cappy takes time to size up the hazards in the game of love. they know what they want, and once they fix their eyes on the prize, will work hard to get it. A winner, they often attract the same. Focused as they are on appearances, they are likely to captivate an attractive lover. All four-footed signs have strong sex drives. When the “us” thing is involved, they keep the ground rules simple. Those with power, money, and the trappings of success had better step up to the plate. They will work hard at taking a union with the proper person to new heights. If their lover throws in a touch of excitement, so much the better. A bit of excitement and passion along with solidity, is just about the right mix. Capricorn has a reluctance for marriage and is seldom at ease in that state. The union is often childless, or children are few.

One must know the rules when dealing with Capricorn. What one should understand is that between you and work, the Capricorn allegiance to duty wins hands down. Wait for a sign of commitment. If Capricorn is convinced of the relationship, they are yours for life. Surprise them from time to time. Little gifts will have them devoted to you for life. Only make promises you can keep. Give some time to personal grooming. They respects good taste.

Never embarrass the Goat in public, they have a strong sense of honor. Control the bank account and spending at all times, since they appreciate people who can save. Don’t break your word, ever. Don’t accuse your Capricorn of being wedded to their job. That’s just how it’s gonna be. Don’t criticize them for being “stuffy”, it takes a while for them to lighten up. Conservative and practical, they enjoy working hard and getting things done, and their patience perseveres where others give up. They enjoy being a leader – the feeling of control is soothing to them. Image conscious, they will insist that co-workers appear as respectable as they appear. Highly organized, their team is a study in cool efficiency.

Charting a long voyage to the top, they won’t permit a few strokes of the brush to sidetrack their progress. Although their beauty lies in an agile mind, the ability to evaluate, and a cool-as-a-cucumber façade, does not mean that their nails get neglected. A meticulous health regimen comes naturally to them, and that’s the key to their slim waist. And, they achieve it all with a disinterested panache. Cool elegance is displayed in the purposeful and confident way they carry themselves. An eye for detail helps weed out passing fads from the ones that abide. Confidence is their most formidable weapon, and their elegant poise renders make-up superfluous to the Capricorn woman. A graceful neck draws admiring attention, and earthy, warm, scents suit her, as does rich, dark, colors like burgundy, plum, and red. Power is crucial to them, and they radiate a glow when they have it. Capricorn compatibility and beauty comes with their ambition for high-quality living, and a flawless imagination.

Once their mind is set on making money, no one in the zodiac will work more diligently to that end. Capricorn compatibility expects life to be tough, and this is exactly what spurs them on. The summit is a goal they never take their eyes from. they work hard for the money and thoroughly enjoy the benefits. A born pessimist, they never get carried away by get-rich-quick schemes. Among the shrewdest when it comes to making and keeping money, managing finances is their natural art. It gives them a feeling of accomplishment, strength, and a delicious awareness that they have arrived. Thanks to a characteristic, lingering sense of doom, they will have a nest egg stashed away for a rainy day. Always focused and disciplined, it’s the iron will and temperament of the Capricorn horoscope that drives them to follow a steady, slow, but sure ascent to the mountain top.

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