Capricorn-Cancer Compatibility is a celestial pairing of determination and great tenacity. Capricorn, the Sea Goat, is down-to-earth, real, and focused on logic. Cancer supplies the emotional depth to the relationship. Both hold each other to high standards moderated by a constant, mutual respect. In Capricorn, Cancer finds loyalty, and in return Capricorn admires Cancer’s toughness. Capricorn-Cancer compatibility horoscopes, coming from opposite corners of the Zodiac, finds a very secure and successful connection.

This relationship grows from a strong foundation of emotional and material security. Both can be depended on to make conservative, frugal decisions. It’s not all blood, sweat and tears though, as empathetic Cancer tenderly soothes their hard-working Capricorn lover after days of exhausting, mountain climbing. Cappy needs lots of help relaxing, and enjoying the rewards of all their labor.

Cancer will also be the one to preserve and polish the fruits of their common achievements, as the keeper of cherished memories, nostalgia, and possessions. Capricorn, goading Cancer toward practical goals and checking their “crabby” tendencies, enlightens them to the important matters of the world outside the home and their own easily wounded hearts. This relationship prospers if there is a firm commitment and a traditional, stable home environment.

The Moon of tidal emotions rules Cancer, and exacting, karmic Saturn rules Capricorn. The Moon is warm, fuzzy, and feminine. Saturn is cold, hard, and masculine. The nurturing Moon is intuitive and care giving, both of which are vital to Cancer. Saturn exercises discipline and integrity to achieve goals. Mothering Cancer genuinely delights in smoothing Capricorn’s hard, jagged edges. Conversely, the serious Sea Goat satisfies Cancer by providing the solid foundation and home life they so crave.

Capricorn is an Earth Sign, and Cancer a Water Sign. Firm Earth focus on material possessions, and practical applications, while fluid Water is engulfed in feelings, instincts, and memory. A Cancer-Capricorn love match surrounds themselves with beautiful things – a comfortable home, tasteful artwork, fine cars. Their love of finery and desire to be economically stable ensures that this team will work hard toward shared goals, and avoid the arguments associated with spending habits and finances.

Both Capricorn and Cancer are ardent, initiatory, and active Cardinal Signs. Often a catalyst for conflicts, it works in this relationship as each complements the other well. Capricorn shines when it comes to taking care of business, and Cancer is always ready when emotional counseling is called for. This pair excels when they allow each other to exercise their respective individual strengths.

What’s the best feature of Capricorn-Cancer compatibility astrology? It’s their total dedication to one another and their common dedication toward shared goals. Both are lovers of beautiful, luxurious things, and quality, and neither shuns the hard work takes to realize their dreams (in fact, Capricorn prefers work to anything else). Their shared sense of responsibility, passions, and morality make theirs an exceptionally compatible love match. Explore Capricorn compatibility with the other signs of the Zodiac. Back to the top of Capricorn-Cancer Compatibility.