cancer horoscopesCancer Horoscopes, June 21 – July 22, belong to great artists and designers of the Zodiac. Hard outside, soft and sweet inside, Cancer horoscopes are creative with a wonderful imagination, and share traits with Chinese Goat Horoscopes.

Cancer, a Water Sign, is ruled by the Moon. Swinging from one extreme to the other, “Lunatics” will often “go with the flow”. Feminine (Yin) and one of the Cardinal Signs, its color is silver and birthstone is the lustrous Pearl.

The Moon Child is often over-imaginative and prone to fantasy, sometimes trying to shape their lives to fit some romantic ideal. The ancient Egyptians viewed this constellation as the sacred scarab, the symbol of resurrection and immortality.

Crabs are average to below in height, with a fleshy body and short legs. Their faces are usually round, their complexions pale, their foreheads prominent, their eyes small and blue or gray in color, their noses short, perhaps upturned, and their mouths full. Cancer rules the breasts, stomach, diaphragm, liver and stomach. The Crab is subject to emotional disorders such as hypochondria, hysteria, and depression, as well as coughs, gallstones, and general problems with liver, stomach, and intestines.

Gemini teaches us to not get “stuck” or bogged down in anything for too long. Since the universe is ever-unfolding, and change the only constant, it’s best that most life circumstances not remain permanent, forever unchanged by time. Gemini clears the way for small, continuous changes to happen, that eventually culminate in large-scale, evolutionary transformations.

Time comes when DNA gets restless and bored, and decides it’s not going to faithfully regurgitate what has predictably come before. Instead, Gemini encourages us to do or think something original, for once, something that puts the zing back into living.

Now, if this evolutionary intellectual process were to just quit after this galvanic Gemini phase we could still survive, but without any true sense of solid connection to one another. The human race clearly wouldn’t feel like one big family, and on one would ever feel in their heart that they must go home for the holidays. And, television soap operas would miserably fail from lack of viewer sympathy (the subplots and characters would seem on the “dry” side).

Affable Gemini helps us interact with each other, but not intimately. Smiles, handshakes, and clever remarks abound as everyone “chats it up”. Still, airy Gemini prefers to maintain a healthy emotional detachment from others as it contributes its mental energies. Naturally, Aries and Taurus have never been convinced that they even want to share what they have with tittering, chatty strangers.

Gemini, however, sets the stage for Cancer. By exhibiting how much fun it can be to mix with those we find interesting, the notion of informal sociability is sparked in Gemini. And, the teary Crab could now remedy the dry “soapies”, and restore the Nielsen ratings.

Gemini finds it very confusing if someone gets too choked up to talk. But, what Gemini naively started would now become one of the most dominant forces ever to grip humanity, raw, gut emotion. This was something totally unknown to the mere instinct of the three preceding signs. A bit spooky, it was also a very absorbing power that appeared to come from deep within. Cancer is the first sign to come in contact with the “soul”, which is a very different thing than the fiery spark of spirit that personifies Aries.

Although Cancer horoscopes may not be exactly clear about what soul signifies, it nevertheless senses that something powerful inside moves it to protect all in life that is unprotected and in need of shelter. This is the first sign sign to empathetically feel both love and sadness for the human state. Cancer worries that the frequently indifferent outer-world, cannot easily fulfill inner needs, and doesn’t have a clue of who we actually are deep down inside. Besides, humans are typically reluctant to show others their most private selves.

It didn’t take long before Gemini saw touchy Cancer in action and lamented, “No more fun now, we have to watch what we say. Life’s gonna get messy”. Cardinal-water Cancer is very active and often pushy in the exhibition of its feelings. As Aries cannot easily turn off its fiery, dynamic, energy and “chill” for awhile, Cancer has a hard time shutting off its emotional faucet. The water is always running full-force, and the highly reactive crab is driven by surging feelings.

Born with an astounding sensitivity that allows it to soak up what’s going on inside others – stuff kept buried below the surface, Cancer is always heedful to unspoken feelings. Obligated to offer sympathetic comfort to those in need, other’s vulnerability prompts their maternal instincts. Not always waiting to be asked for help, their compulsion to mother once it picks up on a distress signal often leads to intrusions on other’s emotional space.

Yet the Crab considers itself more as timid and shy, though this is a bit myopic (cardinal energy can be very assertive). In fact, how Cancer reacts to its surroundings is as diverse as the phases of the Moon, its planetary ruler. Some view such changeability of personality as moodiness. Cancer horoscopes would instead explain that as only reflecting the invisible undercurrents in the psychological atmosphere of the instant.

Cancer swiftly soaks in the environment, and usually without protective filters. Its only after the Crab has absorbed too much negative emotional discharge from others that it begins to build their hard shell to block further invasion. Along with this armor comes a crabby, crusty disposition that conceals Cancers softer, gentler side. This needed defense keeps antagonistic forces at bay. By snapping and grouching at others, the world might back off and leave them alone.

Cancer already has a bad attitude when feeling insecure about handling new situations. Their mood swings are how they best deal with their own feelings in transition (high and low tides). Nevertheless, Cancer is the first sign to develop a warmer type of caring that goes deeper than the calming energy of Taurus. Cancer wraps others in its protective ambience as it tends to their needs. It attaches itself in ways that are suffocating at times, not being objective enough to perceive how oppressive this can be. It can’t pull back and establish a healthy, needed space.

Cancer’s mothering nature impulsively refuses anyone it loves independence, and the chance to grow up. Should a loved one longer need “parenting, they might one day suddenly say “adios” and walk away, leaving motherly Cancer home alone, and being alone is the Crab’s worst nightmare. Fear of abandonment wouldn’t be such a big deal if Cancer didn’t connect with others as emotionally and deeply as it does. There’s nothing shallow about the Crab. Cancer is triggered too quickly, psychologically, by other’s body language, particularly facial expressions. For instance, you can drive Cancer mad by remaining still and stone-faced. It thrives on engaging human response. Laugh, get angry, cry, but show something.

The Crab will look for the subtlest signal, in someone, that spells rejection. This can make temperamental Cancer difficult to live with unless you relish walking on eggshells, never knowing when some action may be taken the wrong way. In reality, Cancer has more invested, emotionally, in creating and fostering a calm and peaceful home life, where everyone reflects deep and sensitive bonding. Not a sign that manages fights and disagreements well (especially the blockage and resistance from squares Aries and Libra).

Domestic tranquility is critical to Cancer, since home is the place where nurturing ourselves is primarily developed. Nourishing all living things is paramount to this tender-hearted sign. The element water wants close, human contact. Yet cardinal Cancer can be aggressively protective in how it cares for whatever is under its wing. Such smothering regard is often misread as being controlling and bossy. Cancer just holds on too tightly due to their vulnerability and fear of loss. The Crab will claim that its only vigilantly guarding the welfare of others, and won’t hesitate to do whatever is necessary to ensure their ultimate safety.

The ideal home environment lets Cancer retreat happily into its private, quiet world, although cardinal Crab can be motivated to find a safe haven in society as well, especially regarding professional interests. Since the Crab needs to feel at home wherever it goes, it quickly tries to establish emotional connections that help it adjust to new faces and new places. This doesn’t suggest that Cancer is openly friendly, but it does watch for signs of approachability in others. When traveling, Cancer types may take their family photos to share with people they meet, just to feel more at home when far away from their familiar turf.

Cancer horoscopes are the first of the zodiac to activate imagination, although Gemini has explored this area a bit. The Crab can draw upon subconscious resources that connect the human collective memory bank. This is why Cancer is so deeply rooted in the past, and comfortable with the oddly familiar world of long ago. A sentimentalist at heart who loves to recall days gone bye. They will, of course, exercise selective memory since many unpleasant things are part of everyone’s past. Although, their nostalgia will dwell only on the agreeable events of the past, the unconscious is also home to the dark side of humanity, and Cancer may suffer a fretful, negative kind of imagination where looms their fears. This is the “skeerdy cat” of the zodiac, the one afraid that it may bump into its own shadow. No wonder Aries has a hard time respecting this water sign who worries so about future threats. The pessimistic Crab has a general distrust of a world they consider basically cold-hearted and selfish. Cancer is too easily discouraged when things seem to fall apart, and their lives take a bad turn. Suddenly, the Crab sees everyone else at fault, and themselves poor victims.

Cancer completes the first 4 signs in the zodiac, in which the 4 elements of fire, earth, air and water merge. Cancer astrology represents the “Auric Egg”, or astral body that encompasses the whole. Cancer horoscopes are compatible with other Moon children, Virgo, Scorpio, Capricorn, Pisces, and Taurus.

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