cancer womanThe Cancer Woman is guardian of a most beguiling sexual secret. She is much more dominant than she seems, and behind her mask lurks a tigress with a solid, unchanging repertoire. Cancer woman loves to be snuggled, fussed over, prized, and wooed, but she won’t be rushed. When she draws the reins, it’s her man that is the one to surrender.

Cancer generally keeps her intense sexuality under wraps, and doesn’t flaunt it. She sends it artfully over the airwaves, and the perceptive bystander warms to the relaxed, sexual glow telegraphed by her teasing, laughing eyes, and her mincing, swaying gait. She appears to invite caressing, and the man who gets within cuddling distance of her ample breasts will often find that she wants more than a hug.

The Cancer Woman needs and specializes in sex with love, and considers solid money as the basis of love`s foundation. She leaves meditations on the metaphysical elements of life and death to others, mainly Scorpio and Pisces. Cancer is invested in the condition of her life today and in ensuring it for tomorrow.

She is alleged to dislike male roughness, and to be a sensitive, shy maiden. In fact, she is a calculating, maternally inclined conservative who likely tried sex very early on, and found it unsatisfactory. A one-night stand or a roll in the hay is not her style. The Cancer Woman`s intense sensuality needs to be awakened, fed with tenderness, then brought to flower by passion. It may take a succession of men to rouse her, and they must accept that the delicate, timid, maiden needs to be slowly and gently introduced to her impressive libido.

She looks to be the type of woman who wants to be made love to, and shuns being the aggressor. In her early years this may have been true. However, her sentimental, old-fashioned femininity often disguises a dominant Circe, suspended on the edge of release. What unleashes this siren is a man who understands her need to dominate, to concede it, and from time to time exchange roles with her.

The Crab’s opposite sign is Capricorn, and her subconscious nature reflects the need for worldly possessions, and the deep insecurity of the Goat. The Cancer Woman`s readiness to couple love with sex may well be a myth sold to her in childhood, a savory spice added to her natural fears. In fact, she is perfectly able to enjoy what was once called free love. Flights of imagination can cover every prospect of it, as there is enough duty and obligation in her life. Cancer may find free and easy sex a welcome respite. Sex, and nothing but, may become her fancy in later years.

Conflict is the key word in understanding Cancer’s sexuality. She often experiences conflict between her security-seeking, homey side, which is supported by her upbringing and society, and her voluptuous sensuality, and libidinous, free-wheeling, sexuality. With much reinforcement from society, she often quashes this. Although, generally a stickler for etiquette, including the sexual decorum, the Cancer woman must surrender to sex, but cannot do so while fettered by social role playing (the mother image is almost totally asexual, for example). She is caught between the horns of the modern woman’s dilemma.

She is very attractive, and drawn to men and the ideals of marriage and family, but this attraction is colored by resentment and fear. Sexual surrender that ends in mutual ecstasy must arise from a love of herself, her feminine nature, and of her own body. The Cancer woman must welcome the male’s full-fledged maleness, and believe in her own femaleness. Sexual surrender of this kind is not an invitation to brutality or insensitivity, but a woman’s greatest offering to a man, in which she offers all of herself physically, and in return, helps her man open up emotionally.

The Cancer Woman often appears extremely modest and virginal, and one gets the impression that she goes to her bridal bed without an ounce of sexual experience or knowledge. But appearances are often deceiving, and although there are some who wait, most Cancer girls are early bloomers and sexually active.

The mother figure looms largely in her upbringing. Sex may be cloaked in such secrecy that she gets virtually no sex education at all. Seldom prepared by their mothers for the realities of carnal relations, Cancer daughters appear shy, modest, guarded and old-fashioned. Her sex education may only consist of overheard bits of conversation, winks and pats on the head from an older sister, or watching MTV. She is impressionable and sentimental, and by watching television and films form decidedly strange ideas about what really goes down once the lights are out. With a powerful imagination that hypes taboos, she may decide on a bit of secret sex to see for herself if the taboos are justified.

Cancer is practical, and dislikes being fooled or ignored. She also has an insatiable desire to be admired and touched. Sex in high school is often an easy way to meet these needs. Not likely to assert herself, she will wait to called by boys for a date. If not pursued, she is content to sit back and wait patiently. Thus she learns the art of send out those subtle come-hither messages. Sooner or later she will find ardently wooed by a a number of men. From the beginning, she has a powerful, chemical attraction to older men, although decides that it would not be prudent to marry one.

Having strongly self-protective and conservative instincts, it is doubtful that she will spill the beans about her sexual experiences. The Crab is very secretive about her activities, and neither her best friend nor hairdresser know for sure. She chooses her first lover carefully, and picks a place where she will be unhurried and safe. Not inclined to a backseat quickie, she protects her reputation, and she is quite uninterested in Erica Jong’s zipless fuq. Overprotected, she may be forced to remain chaste until marriage, or rebel by taking the bull by the horn at an early age.

She often has a crush on her father or some other older male, perhaps to counter her mother’s overwhelming influence. A good student, thanks to an elephant’s memory, she strives for her teachers’ approval. She can be drawn into lesbianism if she runs across a sufficiently attractive model of sexy femininity.

Although, she doesn’t admit it, the young Cancer girl is sexually turned on by women. Sex accompanied by much feeling and tenderness is important to her, and in time, she may find that more and more men are unable to give it to her. For the Cancer woman, love and sex go hand in hand, like “Love and marriage, and “Horse and Carriage”, and nothing is more beautiful to her than seeing herself filled in a pair of adoring, male eyes, as the orgasm approaches.

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