cancer-taurusA Cancer-Taurus Love Match can be a very good combination indeed. Being two positions apart within the Zodiac, these signs share strong karmic ties, and a deep mutual awareness. They have very much in common. Both value security in their love life above almost all else. Both are nurturers (Cancer in an emotional sense, while Taurus loves spoiling their lover with rich meals, gifts, and sensual delights). Both are ultimately domestic and enjoy quiet nights at home with their partner.

A Cancer-Taurus relationship tends to be successful and happy due to this mutual enjoyment of the comfort and security of home. The love of nice possessions, good food, a solid home base, and a strong relationship, provide all the comforts of domestic life. Theirs is the ideal family that other Zodiac Signs strive for, with a strong bond between them and a union that is family oriented rather than directed toward the outside world. The only major problem is when bull-headed Taurus demands its own way and Cancer reciprocates by sulking. Taurus must understand the Crab’s emotional sensitivity, and Cancer needs to avoid the emotional blackmail, and rely on open, honest communication.

Moody Cancer is ruled by the tides of the Moon (Emotions), and sensual Taurus by Venus (Love). Both of these planets vibrate with feminine energy. Cancer often keeps their emotions bottled up and smoldering inside, which can lead to sudden explosions. Thus, Cancer is drawn to Taurus’s honest, open, unafraid nature. As the tides of Earth ebb and flow with the Moon’s powerful forces, affecting all life, so does Cancer, manipulate from behind the scenes. Sentimental Cancer like their Venus partner prefer to enjoy each other’s company rather than mingle with large groups.

Cancer is a Water Sign, and Taurus is Earth. Water and Earth are compatible as physical, tangible, entities. Cancer is born to nourish and nurture Taurus in the same way that rain nurtures Earth and helps crops grow. In turn, Taurus has a more stable view of life than does crabby Cancer, and is less inclined to emotional turbulence. Therefore, Taurus helps Cancer stabilize their turbulent feelings. Both Signs need to be careful in this relationship. Taurus may grown tired of Cancer’s mood swings, and Cancer may begin to feel that Taurus is insensitive to their emotional needs.

Cancer is a Cardinal Sign, and Taurus is Fixed with entrenched habits. The Bull won’t change an opinion once it’s been formed. This, however, can provide Cancer with a solid emotional base, as Taurus is completely dedicated to the relationship. In turn, Cancer will bring fresh inspiration to the relationship and initiate new projects that Taurus will enjoy assuming later.

What’s the best aspect of Cancer-Taurus compatibility horoscopes? The steady, dependable team they make. Both Signs are reliable, nurturing, and intensely oriented toward their domestic life together. A shared love of home and security makes theirs a model for a long-term, family relationship.

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