cancer gemini compatibilityA Cancer-Gemini love match can be a rather curious relationship. Emotional and sensitive Cancer has difficulty communicating clearly, but clear communication is a defining characteristic of Gemini. Gemini’s bold nature and silver tongue may incite the Crab to come out of its shell quicker than usual, and in turn, Cancer can teach Gemini to better appreciate the world by slowing them down a bit (something the frenetic Twins rarely do). If Cancer feels that Gemini isn’t providing as much intimacy and reassurance as Cancer needs, trouble may develop. These zodiac signs approach life in such different manners that a great deal of acceptance and understanding between the two is required.

Gemini is the thinker, while Cancer is the sign of hearth and home. Gemini can easily fall into the role of Cancer’s shining knight. Cancer responds with their natural urge to protect the ones they love. The caliber of home life is important to Cancer, and a soft bed, hearty home cooking, and other creature comforts will spoil their Gemini lover. Strongly intuitive Cancer maintains an almost psychic chemistry with their loved ones, but often become possessive, as they begin to idealize their partner. If the Twins can reassure the Crab that they’re cherished and loved, the union can be delightful.

The Moon rules emotional Cancer, and Mercury the chatty Twins.
Crabs have trouble expressing themselves, and generally keep their emotions suppressed and bottled up. Cancer is a bit jealous of Gemini‚Äôs gift of clear, open communication, and bubbly Gemini can profit from Cancer’s intuitive nature. Cancer will be the breaks on Gemini’s runaway locomotive, that will help to slow the train down so the Twins can appreciate “the moment” (or something approximating it), as they rush onto the next new thing.

Cancer is a water sign, and Gemini is air. Working together, they can make a great team. The best decisions, after all, are made by integrating the intellect and the emotions. The problem will be learning to cooperate with each other. They approach the world from such different points of the compass, that it can seem as if they have absolutely nothing in common. Emotional and deep Cancer can dampen Gemini’s airy spirit, and light, quick Gemini can leave Cancer rattled, and frazzled. Learning to communicate openly with one another, can maintain the balance in their relationship.

Cancer is a cardinal sign, and Gemini is mutable. Gemini is flexible, and goes with the flow. Cancer likes to take the lead. Brave, mutable Gemini will want to assume the lead on occasion, and even become confrontational. For this affair to run smoothly, both will need to recognize when it’s time to back down and give the other support.

What’s the best aspect of Cancer-Gemini compatibility horoscopes? Once they realize they’re on the same team, they can accomplish much together. Forward-thinking Gemini, and quietly, supportive Cancer behind the scenes provide what the other is lacking, and can make this a winning combination.

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