cancer-cancer compatibilityA Cancer-Cancer love match is a very emotional and loving, domestic relationship. Cancer-Cancer compatibility horoscopes reveal deep devotion and endless loyalty to each other. Both will master the ins-and-outs of their mate, and the best ways to fire each other up, or when necessary, cool one another down. Both will find great satisfaction and comfort in their underlying commitment to each other.

This couple is caring, faithful, helpful, sympathetic of special needs, and very oriented toward setting up a home and creating a sense of family (that is, when they can get over their manipulative, brooding and self-pitying habits). Once Cancer finds a way to keep their moody and fluid emotions in check, this union becomes highly nurturing to both lovers.

There natural place is in the home. Safely entrenched in their personal haven, moody Cancer can forget about the world outside, not much concerned about the opinions of others, but only with what’s going on behind their own locked doors. This attitude also applies to their relationships.

Like their precious possessions and material comforts, the Crab never thinks twice about defending a loved one if threatened. This willingness and devotion to toil and fight for the survival and success of their personal relationships are really Cancer’s greatest gift to the game of love.

Cancer the “crabby” and emotional crustacean is known for flare-ups and outbursts. While their mood “lunatic” swings may injure their partner’s feelings, it’s their subtle mastery of the fine art of emotional exploitation and manipulation that should be watched out for.

The powerful ebb and flow of the Moon (Emotion) rules sensitive Cancer. The Moon, the maternal orb of the heavens, with it’s monthly cycle, is the celestial force behind the Crab’s maternal and care-giving nature. The energy of this compelling instinct creates a secure, warm home environment, a perfect sanctuary for the cultivation and growing of a healthy relationship.

The emotion and instinct of water signs drives this relationship. However, along with these deep, intense intuitive forces comes a brittleness. Cancer is fragile and their feelings easily hurt. Thus, the retreat into the shell when overwhelmed or frightened.

This “hiding” can put a strain on any relationship with a Crab, but two Cancers together will usually understand the need that each has for temporary time-outs and personal space. This alone-time is not to be taken as a personal slight, but instead, as a means by this water creature to protect themselves and their loved ones from the grim realities of the outside world.

Although not the most physically active of the zodiac signs, Cardinal Cancer’s powers of perception, and quick emotional reflexes offer an alternating line of defense when under stress. Cancer is not shy about getting precisely what they want from their partner, and the protecting instinct of the beast within them is the first element that will leap forward when stressed or under threat.

These bursts of emotion, however, may overwhelm a crabby partner and crush tender feelings. Savage loyalty binds this Cancer-Cancer love match, but it can also jeopardize its very existence. Both must always labor to see things from their lover’s view-point as well as their own.

What’s the most compelling aspect of a Cancer-Cancer love match? It’s an absolute devotion to refining and developing the committed and solid emotional bond between them. Together, this duo will protect each other, and keep their love sheltered from the outside world – working together to create a nurturing, loving family, and a happy domestic life.

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