astrology chartEach house of an Astrology Chart has a particular and distinct meaning. Opposite houses have opposite “keywords”. For example, the first house = “I”, and the seventh house = “You”.

Just as the fifth house refers to your children, the ninth house refers to your children’s children. When counting houses in this manner, be sure to start with the house in question.

The fourth house, as a house of culmination, shows the state of your life at the end. Thus, the eighth house indicates the end of your children’s lives, because it is the house of your children.

The second house deals with your money; as it follows the first house (you). Thus, the eighth house concerns your partner’s money as it is second from your partner’s house (7th).

There is another system of house division that is also important to keep in mind. The twelve houses can be divided into three groups of four houses each, which correspond to the Cardinal, Fixed and Mutable qualities. They are called Angular, Succedent, and Cadent.

The Astrological Houses are arranged into three groups of four houses each. These conform to their qualities. Each house group shares properties in common.

Cardinal Houses (Angular) are the 1st (Aries), 4th (Cancer), 7th (Libra), and 0th (Capricorn).
Fixed Houses (Succedent) are the 2nd (Taurus), 5th, 8th, and 11th.
Mutable Houses (Cadent) are the 3rd (Gemini), 6th, 9th, and 12th.

Angular houses (corresponding to the cardinal signs): The angular houses are the first, fourth, seventh and tenth. These angles correspond to east (the Ascendant), west (the Descendant), north (the Imum Coeli or IC) and south (the Midheaven or MC). These are the angles, or axes, of the horoscope. Planets in angular houses have great potential for dynamic action and their influences are intensified. In other words, the angular houses have cardinal qualities. Some books refer to planets in angular houses as accidentally dignified.

Succedent houses (corresponding to the fixed signs): The succedent houses are the second, fifth, eighth and eleventh. They are called succedent because they follow or succeed the angular houses. They are not as powerful, but, just like the fixed signs, they give stability and purpose. They are also the financial houses.

Cadent houses (corresponding to the mutable signs): The cadent houses are the third, sixth, ninth and twelfth. These houses do not have as much opportunity for action as the angular houses, nor do they confer great stability like the fixed houses, but they are adaptable and get along well with others. They are usually referred to as the mental houses.

All energy and nature follow the positive/negative principle. Astrological Houses are divided into positive and negative forces as well. These forces may be described as active/passive, masculine/feminine, yin/yang, etc. All odd-numbered zodiac signs (fire and air) are active. All even-numbered signs (earth and water) are passive. Each zodiac sign has a “Ruler”, a planet that agrees in nature with the sign it rules. This rule will apply to any planet found in any sign. For example, Aries is bold and dynamic, and any sign or house occupied by Aries’ ruler Mars will be energized and active also. The Moon represents emotions, and the Moon in Aries would indicate a person forcefully expressing emotions. Mercury (god of intellect) in Aries would signify bold thinking.

The First House, and especially the Ascendant (Rising Sign), expresses your personality, your natural disposition and inclinations, your individuality and the way you assert yourself. It shows how people perceive you and the way you want others to regard you. It is the way you “display” and “sell” yourself. It represents your physical body, your good sense and your childhood years. It shows how you tackle life, your worldly viewpoint, your appearance and attitude and the beginnings of all endeavors. Aries (Mars) rules the first house.

The Second House expresses financial affairs, possessions, resources, earning capacity, and any gain or loss through your own labour. It indicates your inner genius and resources, your justification for fulfillment, your emotional sensitivity, your appreciation of self-worth and your sense of principles. Since many people think that liberty is largely a question of money, this is the house of individual liberty. It is also the house of tangible debt. Taurus (Venus) rules the second house.

The Third House shows the local circumstances you live in, your brothers and sisters, and all manner of communication, such as speaking and writing. It also identifies means of transportation including short trips. It reveals the adaptability of your mind to learning and to novel ideas, your ability to connect to your environment, and your taken-for-granted gifts. It indicates the sensible and objective dimension of your mind and your basic schooling. Gemini (Mercury) rules the third house.

The Fourth House points to your home and your parents, your roots and the home you will prepare. This includes your upbringing, heredity and ancestry, your emotional basis and your private life. This house indicates property, such as houses or real estate, and all that is private. It is a house of endings: the last years of life, the end of all affairs, fame after death and the scene of burial. It shows the parent who has the greater sway on you as a child, your subjective self and the bedrock upon which you build your character. Cancer (The Moon) rules the fourth house.

The Fifth House relates to children, love affairs, liaisons, pleasures, entertainment, holidays, vacations, diversions, speculations, hobbies and profession. It includes your emotional outlook and the love you give. It shows your initiative, as well as sports, inventiveness and creative outlets. It also indicates significant, literary or artistic ability. The fifth house expresses publication, politics, the fine arts, public affairs, pregnancy and the training of children. Any groups you associate with (Bowling League, Sewing Circle, Bridge Club etc.) are represented by this house. Leo (The Sun) rules the fifth house.

The Sixth House represents your work, your health and your routines. It indicates occupation, employees, tenants, subordinates, pets and dependents. It shows assistance given to others, routine matters, your apparel and how you wear them, hygiene, regard for food and diet, sickness and all circumstances affecting your health. This house signifies aunts and uncles. Virgo (Mercury) rules the sixth house.

These are the first six houses of the zodiac. The remaining six will be addressed in the next lesson.

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