astrology chart housesAn Astrology Chart assigns to Zodiac Signs in a Horoscope one of four Elements. Because each sign belongs to one of the Astrological Houses, we can group the houses in like manner, according to its ruling element.

The Astrology Fire Element represents the personal houses of life.
First house: physical body.
Fifth house: soul.
Ninth house: spirit, mind.
People with many planets in the fire houses are excitable and dynamic. They have great drive, enthusiasm, motivating force and religious fervor.

The Astrology Earth Element represents the houses of substance and possessions.
Second house: assets, finances.
Sixth house: occupation.
Tenth house: recognition, environment.
People with many planets in earth houses are solid, and the cornerstones of their communities and families. Their frames of mind and vocational genius are concrete and practical.

The Astrology Air Element represents relationships, associations, bonds, links, and connections.
Third house: relatives, neighbors, and others we do not choose, kinship.
Seventh house: personal relationships, friends, and partners that we choose, conjugal.
Eleventh house: common, business and social relationships, those we choose for shared activities, congenial.
People with many planets in air houses are people who need to be in relationships, and part of a larger whole. These houses connect individuals to others on personal and social levels.

The Astrology Water Element represents endings, conclusions, terminations, and boundaries.
Fourth house: death of physical body.
Eighth house: release of spirit.
Twelfth house: balance of karma.
People with many planets in water houses are emotional, sentimental, and pathetic. They are the psychos, gurus, and religious leaders. Water houses characterize the innermost soul, and reveal the manner in which we will depart this earth.

The Seventh House deals with both business and, marriage relationships, as well as divorce, contracts, lawsuits, pledges, agreements, and any transactions with the public and the public’s response. It exposes your open enemies, your collaboration with others or your lack of cooperation. It indicates what you are in most need of, as it is the opposite of the first house which indicates your strongest personality features. This house shows your approach toward marriage. your spouse, the sort and quality of the marriage, and how many unions you may have. It also signifies your grandparents and any people who function as your agent or on your behalf. The 7th House is ruled by Libra (Venus).

The Eighth House represents the support you receive from other individuals, including economic, moral, religious and physical. It indicates endowments, trusts, wills, taxes, insurance concerns, as well as secrets, sex, spiritual and physical rejuvenation, psychological revival and deterioration and death. The eighth house points to metaphysical matters, sleep, serious research, investigation and hidden resources. It also includes the possessions of partners and support. It is the house of surgery, and illness. The 8th House is ruled by Scorpio (Pluto).

The Ninth House designates your higher mind, the superconscious. It bespeaks religion, law, science, standards, higher learning, wisdom, psychology, deep mental study, dreams and visions. It discloses distant travel, foreigners, foreign relations, commerce, large companies, imports and exports. The ninth house depicts the church as a spiritual element, clerics, in- laws, grandchildren, instinct, ethics and public attitudes in general. It reveals the lessons we learn through living. The 9th House is ruled by Sagittarius (Jupiter).

The Tenth House signifies your profession, your respectability and your standing in society. It indicates your ego, eminence, fame, promotion, goals, business and social interests, your employer, the government or any other government over you.

It displays your achievements, how the world views and evaluates you, and the authority you exert in your own circle. Here we observe the church as an institution and the opposite parent from the one denoted by your fourth house. The 10th House is ruled by Capricorn (Saturn).

The Eleventh House reveals your capacity for friendship, your opinions toward your friends and acquaintances and all unemotional associations. It indicates what you most want in life, your objectives, the love you receive as well as assets obtained from a profession. This house indicates step-children, foster, and adopted children, as well as conditions over which you have little control. Here we observe your humanitarian concerns, the way you view others, large and small institutions, and clubs you are part of, which somehow pertain to your career. The 11th House is ruled by Aquarius (Uranus).

The Twelfth House reveals your unknown or disguised strengths and weaknesses. It expresses sorrow, suffering, restrictions, handicaps, secrets, isolation, frustration and hidden actions. It signifies places of confinement, jails, hospitals, mental institutions, etc., and restraint, repression, exile, secret enemies, unseen dangers, self-undoing and surreptitious affairs.

It exposes the things we hide from others. research, circumstances, personal preservation, inner consciousness, the psyche, spiritual debts (karma), but also compassion, sympathy and public interest. It is often referred to as the closet or trash bin of the horoscope because it is where we sweep away or hide issues which are too painful to face or problems that we refuse to recognize. The 12th House is ruled by Pisces (Neptune).

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