astrology aspectsAstrology Aspects refer to the relationships (geometrical angles) among the Planets, and You. These aspects are not permanent, never stationary, but change at astronomical speeds.

Astrology is “geocentric”, and aspects are viewed “line-of-site” from either the place and time of your birth (a Natal Chart) or present location (Horary Chart). Astrological aspects represent the manner in which we conduct our lives – our actions, or how we “handle” life’s forces and pressures.

The Major Astrology Chart Aspects are:

  • Conjunction (0 degrees = inline): Neither harmonious or inharmonious, this aspect merges and intensifies the energies of two planets. Inner tension can arise if the planets have conflicting natures.
  • Sextile (60 degrees, two signs apart): Harmonious aspect that helps energies flow toward attainment of your goals, provided you make some conscious effort to achieve them yourself.
  • Square (90 degrees, three signs apart): Inharmonious aspect causing tensions and obstacles for you to overcome. It forces you to choose between you conflicting inner needs and urges.
  • Trine (120 degrees, four signs apart): Harmonious aspect that brings the two energies into an easy interplay. This can create such beneficial consequences that things become to easy for you and you become lazy.
  • Opposition (180 degrees, six signs apart): Inharmonious aspect creating inner tensions between your planetary urges. It also creates dynamic tensions with others, which you must reconcile if you want to maintain harmonious relationships.

The Minor Astrology Aspects are:

  • Semi-Sextile (30 degrees, 1 sign apart): A minor harmonious aspect. It is considered important to some astrologers in natal astrology. It is similar to sextile but minor, It also can mitigate other inharmonious aspects.
  • Semi-Square (45 degrees, 1-1/2 signs apart): A minor inharmonious aspect. This causes friction and irritation between planets in aspects. This causes mild stress and tension.
  • Quincunx (150 degrees, 5 signs apart or Inconjunct): This aspect is another minor inharmonious one. It suggests a need for adjustment.

The Planets in your Life

  • Your Sun sign shows how you express your creative urges through conscious acts of will. The Sun rules the sign Leo.
  • The Moon’s position in the zodiac shows your unconscious emotional reactions to situations based on your early childhood experiences and family training. The Moon rules the sign Cancer.
  • The planet Mercury’s position in the zodiac shows how you think things out and then communicate your ideas and decisions to others. It also reveals how you make decisions and what you consider before making a decision. The planet Mercury rules the sign Gemini.
  • The planet Venus’ position in the zodiac shows how you give of yourself and how you express your feelings for others. It also reveals how you attract the good things of life, both the material and the spiritual. The planet Venus rules the sign Libra.
  • The planet Mars’ position in the zodiac shows how you use your physical energies in expressing your needs. It affects your sex drive, ambitions, endurance, and aggressiveness. The Planet Mars rules the sign Aries.
  • The planet Jupiter’s position in the zodiac shows how you express your need to grow. It shows your interests in the higher values of life and how you share those interests with others. The planet Jupiter rules the sign Sagittarius.
  • The planet Saturn’s position in the zodiac shows how you try to establish and protect your position in life. It also shows how you face responsibility and seek recognition for your efforts. The planet Saturn rules the sign Capricorn.
  • The planet Uranus’ position in the zodiac shows something about the motivation, goals, and originality of those born in each seven year period during which Uranus is in each of the signs. The planet Uranus rules the sign Aquarius.
  • The planet Neptune’s position in the zodiac influences the collective outlook of all those born within the same thirteen year period during which Neptune remains in one sign, showing the mystical and inspirational influences felt by each generation. The planet Neptune rules the sign Pisces.
  • The planet Pluto’s position in the zodiac influences the entire generation of people born within the same twelve to twenty-two year period during which Pluto remains in one sign, showing human need for regeneration and control in each generation. The planet Pluto rules the sign Scorpio.

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