zodiac ascendantThe Ascendant, or “Rising Sign”, is the Zodiac constellation appearing on the Eastern horizon at the place and time of one’s first breath. The Ascendant forms the first house of a person’s astrology chart, and is said to be of great significance in the life of the individual, accounting for roughly 10% of a person’s character and destiny.

The Ascendant is often referred to as the mask we wear when meeting others, and represents our natural and personal defense mechanisms that we use to adapt to, and to cope with our environment. It is the first impression we make on others. The planet that rules the “Rising Sign” is said to be the horoscope’s “Ruler” (ie, Sagittarius = Jupiter).

Because the 360 degree circle (Ecliptic) of the 12 Zodiac Signs is completed in a 24-hour day, each sign takes approximately two hours to rise and set depending on the time of year. An exact birth time is critical to calculating the Ascendant with accuracy. When looking at the natal chart, the Ascendant is located on the cusp of the First House of your astrological chart — the Eastern horizon. Since this is (usually) the cusp of the 1st house in a standard natal chart it is said to naturally correspond to Aries, the 1st astrological sign in the Natural Zodiac.

Most astrologers believe that the Rising Sign exerts an influence equal to or more powerful than that of the Sun and Moon which also account for about 10% each of a person’s character. The Ascendant’s influence in someone’s chart is modified by the aspects of the various planets that conjunct the Ascendant, and the position of the ruling planet of the sign. In a very basic and general sense, the personalities that go with each rising sign are:

  • Aries rising and ruler Mars makes you outspoken, “Gung-Ho”, active and head strong, and will render you accident prone with a long list of medical complaints.
  • Taurus rising gives you a stubborn streak, rock solid physique and tremendous physical stamina. Attractive, thanks to ruler Venus, you will have a tendency towards overindulgence.
  • Gemini rising makes you talkative. Your wiry, flexible physique and physical appearance can seem startlingly diverse to other people. Vulnerable areas include the lungs and hands.
  • Cancer rising makes you sympathetic, ambitious, dedicated and vulnerable, with a deceptive, tough exterior. Easily addicted to just about anything (even people), you tend to marry later in life. You probably have a round face, and pale and sensitive skin.
  • Leo rising will dignify and give you tons of energy and lots of enthusiasm. These qualities often win you friends. Usual physical complaints include heart and back problems.
  • Virgo rising makes you shy, highly critical, and drives you to seek perfection in all around you, making it difficult to accept others as they are. Physical complaints include respiratory illnesses, nervousness and allergic reactions.
  • Libra rising is always beautiful, charming, graceful and vain. The life of any party, these lucky individuals love expensive clothes, jewelry and home furnishing.
  • Scorpio rising provides you with a strong physique and a tremendous amount of physical stamina. A stubborn streak serves you well in achieving your goals in spite of any adversity.
  • Sagittarius rising makes you expansive with boundless energy and a need for lots of freedom and independence. Rash and hasty, you will also be blessed with a wide range of talents.
  • Capricorn rising makes you serious, formal, energetic, success-oriented and a bit “stodgy”. You will have sensitive skin, brittle bones and dental problems.
  • Aquarius rising makes you considerate, detached, intellectual, cool under pressure and of a generally nervous disposition. Problems can occur with the lower legs and ankles, such as varicose veins.
  • Pisces rising makes you highly emotional, idealistic and shy, and gives you great psychic abilities and artistic talent. Fish should void playing the “victim” when caught.

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