aries horoscopeThe Aries Horoscope is Cardinal/Fire – the most vital of all the Zodiac Signs. Its ruler is invincible Mars. Aries demand challenge in work, relationships, and in love. They like to be in charge in the boardroom, as well as the bedroom (see Aries Compatibility). The Aries horoscope is emphatically extroverted and active, with a childlike zest for life. Dynamic and energetic, the randy Ram is compelled to make a statement, and to create (or force) change. Competitive Aries expect to be first and hope to be best in any project they undertake. Possessing the courage to confront most situations, they are able to turn what many would consider failure into an important lesson in growth.

Like Leo and Sagittarius, the other two Fire Signs, the Aries horoscope is buoyant, fiery, optimistic, dominant, gutsy, demanding, easily bored, flamboyant, inconsistent, foolish and irrational. Charming, and tirelessly enthusiastic, Aries are at home as competitor, debater, combatant, or pioneer. The Aries woman is often perceived as masculine in appearance, manner, and way of thinking. They are passionate, optimistic, and hard to get along with.

Foolishly impulsive and fond of challenge, Aries are proud to an extreme. Raging about and showering sparks, Mars fascinates and frightens the mere mortals in his path. Irresistible and perhaps disliked, Aries cannot be ignored. Their own worst enemy, they always seem to prevail in the end, and even manage to persuade their followers that tragedy can be a way of life, and that success is an entirely personal experience. But, winning counts heavily, to be sure. This eternal optimist, in spite of many exhausting stops and starts, believes that tomorrow is always rich with promises and new opportunities.

An excellent multi-tasker, Aries are capable of running five or more things at once. Characteristically born with an impatient compulsion to stand at the top and a fierce drive to succeed, they a need to prove themselves, to control a situation, and so they often find themselves in management positions early in life. Only ultra-ambitious Capricorn are as consistently discovered among the ranks of leaders, though not as quickly.

Mental challenges keep the ram functioning at maximum capacity and their edge honed bright. Physically powerful and often very attractive, it’s their mind that is their strongest point. Hardly lazy. They are compelled to accomplish, to do, to produce. Just sitting frustrates them, makes them feel unproductive, and they begin to brood. Aries must be constantly active both physically and mentally to exercise their options in society to full effect.

The Aries horoscope shows a need to externalize impulses for action and leadership, and Aries will sooner or later find effective outlets for their ambition and exceptional initiative. In their private lives as well, Aries need to be tested to grow, learning to relinquish control from time to time and admit their shortcomings as well as their strengths.

Aries attract attention naturally with their confident stride, dominating body language, outlandish clothes, and loud, booming voice. Even the rare, shy Aries will find ways to appear zany enough to be noticed. Personal magnetism, combines with vibrant energy and a bold spirit help them to face change with courage and to overcome. People sense this about Aries, and often look to them for leadership and guidance, roles they are happy to accept.

the Aries horoscope makes its own luck (and misery). With a rather nonchalant conviction that fortune helps those who help themselves, Aries seem to be wonderfully clothed in a protective cosmic armor. Armor they instinctively keep bright by a constant readiness to instantly take advantage of any opportunity that presents itself.

Their good fortune and strength comes from her innate optimism. A frequent winner in the game of life, they have set and trained on their own obstacle course, and believe that they can lick just about anything and anybody, which they usually do. Radiating their own sunshine, they can lighten most any tale of woe. Cheery Aries can be counted on to hearten a friend who is down, and even dyed-in-the-wool pessimists will smile at the naive optimism with which the ram greets life.

Frequently short on sensitivity and compassion, make your own luck Aries will leave others to fend for themselves. They find it difficult to identify with people’s troubles, instead brushing them off with a wave of their hand as simple temporary setbacks. They may benefit by respecting others feelings more, and checking their own internal clamor to hear the music from without. Their need for constant stimulation may be so great that it overrides their need for security. This enables them to take risks easily, but it also makes them pitiless and insensitive to the safety concerns of another person. Aries, who finds such thoughts too restricting, naturally hates limitations, and often rebels against conventions that society and their parents consider necessary to good upbringing.

Aries are loath to assume discipleship as a preliminary to leadership. Their me-first attitude when young may get them what they want in the short-term, but likely alienate the people they may need in the long run. Their immediate, personal goals often make them forget other considerations. Acting impulsively and, seeking personal satisfaction alone while spurning compromises lead them to race through valuable learning experiences. With a tendency to remain on the surface of life and not plumb the depths, Aries may find themselves deprived of emotional satisfactions later in life.

The powerful impact of strong will power, a potent chemistry, high-frequency vibrations, and a keen intelligence open broad horizons but can scatter their powers of concentration. Resisting the limitations of society, they prefer to run free and undisciplined. An optimistic view of the world provides a setting in which they can prove themselves in many roles. Although they know there are rules to the game, they consider them a waste of time (unless they make them up themselves). Submission is always out of the question.

In astrology it’s important to accept one’s fundamental qualities, both positive and negative. Aries must acknowledge their impatience, selfishness, and tendency to dive headlong into common life experiences and then quickly rush out of them. They must accept these instinctive traits that are peculiar to them and their heritage. Once recognized and accepted, they can be put to decidedly positive uses.

Self-confident and courageous Aries goes after what they want. Everyone suffers from bouts of insecurity has pangs of anxiety, and the ram is no exception. But their fears fuel, not block, their drive to prove themselves. “Get it on” regardless the cost or consequences is their motto. They consolidate their self-esteem through exercise of leadership and action. If they opt for a career outside the home, they do so out of a profound need to earn full self-respect. They tend to have a great sense of humor, and like to laugh and observe the absurd side of life.

Involvement in life is an essential, and to them one can hardly achieve that without laughter. Their pride is the only stumbling block that keeps her from laughing at herself as well. Their sense of humor serves to keep them detached from details and from the troubles of others. Often feeling more than a touch of superiority and arrogance, they use their humor to shield themselves from the complexities of the world at large.

Like all fire types, Aries are quite selfish. Their impatience and insensitivity will diminish as they mature. Perceptive, intuitive, and proud, they tend to overestimate their own talents, and go through life with a thinly masked god complex and a suitably hazy memory for the defects in human nature, above all their own. Under their extroversion lies a intrinsic trait that impedes their growth – pride. On the positive side, it helps them resist defeat and failure. On the negative side, they manipulate people and feelings to make it seem that they never lose. Aries must remember that pride is a double-edged sword and use it in a positive way.

Early in life, Aries feels unwilling or unable to bear the burden of emotional involvement. They want few responsibilities and are minded to throw off obligations and restrictions as a matter of principle. Rather than expose themselves to pain, they may rush on, impatient and frustrated. They will bail out of relationships that promise growth only after confrontation and struggle and with their deeper self. This changes in their thirties, when they become more tolerant. They search for the fastest, best, and most unique sex experiences and love, but seldom stop long enough to give anyone a second chance. They are quick judge and a quick study but make some bad mistakes. Though they are loyal once settled into a commitment, if a tsunami of energy does not flow in their direction, they just wander off in search of more adventurous prospects. They have “joie de vivre “– the appetite and passion for living.

Their goal in life is not only to endure but to scale every mountain and test every pinnacle. Easily bore and arrogant, Aries feel that they know more and better than most, and that they should rightly be first and unquestionably recognized as best. By viewing themselves in perpetual competition with others.

Hard on themselves and demanding of others, they measure themselves in terms of a deceptive perfection and end up under a lot of pressure. They dislike beating around the bush, answering the most embarrassing questions with even more embarrassing answers. Aries suffer from foot-in-mouth disease and a lack of discretion. Keeping secrets is impossible. Devious Scorpio can drive them mad.

If feeling “out of the loop”, they can become intolerable with relentless questions or sarcastic observations, all contrived to elicit the desired information. Unable to stand being left out, or bored, they will go to extremes to shake up a pleasantly tranquil setting that they feel is perilously stifling. Fundamentally opposed to restrictions of any sort, boredom is the biggest drain on their energies.

Although difficult to live with, they are usually the most stimulating person around, and a very good playmate. Described by some as “dynamic” and others as “pushy”, the Aries horoscope has that indefinable something called charisma. Vital and energetic, they attract people who are depressed, bored or more submissive to routine than they are, and energize them with a breath of freshness. As teachers, they rouse their pupils to think in original and unconventional ways. Aries parents raise their children to be inventive and independent. Defying social conventions and perhaps choosing a lifestyle (or more than one) that is not accepted as “the norm”, Aries demonstrates to others the merits of being a ram instead of a sheep.

Enjoying the chase as much or more than the win, they are not interested in possessions, preferring the free spirited, unhampered life of the trailblazer. Sure that a new world is coming, and that it is better to look forward than backwards, the Aries horoscope will always find a way out of the shadows, no matter how gloomy the present seems. And, Mars returning to the barricades and the joy of battle will never once uttering the phrase, “what’s the use?”.

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