aries compatibilityAries Compatibility is fire and ice. The daring, dynamic, dazzling Aries horoscope leaves nothing in between. They are either white hot or ice cold, but anyone who has made love to Aries is a fan for life. People are amazed by their energy and the way they command attention. With a charming smile and a wild, warm nature, they fascinate and captivate.

Insatiable, their sexual nature is as simple and seductive as strawberries and cream. Passion is the ruling characteristic of Aries. For them, life without the fever and rush of another encounter is dismal. When not in the “throws”, they feel as barren and desolate as a frozen, mid-winter field. After all, this is the sign of spring, germination, and abundant new life, and the Aries man will sow his seed widely.

Their ultimate lover is one who is ready to take a risk. A quicky in the bathroom while their mates shmooze in the kitchen, is a heart-throbbing thrill that rams are ever ready for. The aura of power, and the vibes and the heat of raw sexuality draw the opposite sex with an overwhelming magnetic chemistry, and the person who may refuse oral or anal sex with their partner can find themselves eagerly submitting to the ram’s contagious lust. The ultimate sexual explorers, Rams stand boldly atop the carnal food chain. They’ll take you as far you let them, and then a fantasy mile more.

Rams need to be teased, challenged, and inspired, if you hope to keep them as a playmate. “Playful” is what they love, and they are enraptured by a partner who is natural, impulsive, and willing to try anything. Aries compatibility is ultimately about enthusiasm (their biggest turn-on). Two fires can make a fire-storm.

  • Aries-Aries: During sexual intercourse the woman usually dominates. And the Aries man will not long tolerate the role of subordinate. This turns into a contest of iron wills, each wanting to be on top. The collisions of these 2 rams will be deafening. Eventually the ardor will cool, and lead to war in the boudoir. Initially, the pairing seems promising, but the forecast for marriage is a bleak one.
  • Aries-Taurus: Aries likes to make love on an impulse, according to their mood. Plodding Taurus, almost always in control of their whims, will have the impatient ram banging his head against the wall. If Aries can give Taurus the initiative (which is doubtful) they can experience new horizons of sensual pleasures. However, the desired balance is unlikely, and will result in serious friction. This combination is not well suited for the long-term.
  • Aries-Gemini: This is a delicious union, with both partners active, inquisitive, and willing to explore new territories. The ram’s power is softened by the flexibility of Gemini. Both are sexually liberated, but their spiritual energies will be aimed in different directions. Aries will stick around as long as the Twins can skillfully manage the relationship. Marriage forces Gemini to settle down which can be very satisfying.
  • Aries-Cancer: There is a powerful sexual attraction between these two. The problem is that when the passion peters out, there’s nothing left. Aries, not finding sufficient mental stimulation begins to argue over trivialities. Differences in their natures carry over into the bedroom. The relationship is fraught with turmoil, and a marriage is almost certainly doomed to failure.
  • Aries-Leo: These are equals when it comes to boldness, and assertiveness. Leo must be careful not to challenge Aries too much, and suppress their inherent desire to dominate. Although Aries will not be much impressed with Leo’s orthodox, vanilla style of sex, the ram will need to praise the proud Lion’s skill in bed. This will be a long, uphill haul.
  • Aries-Virgo: The courage of Aries impresses the restrained Virgin. But their sexual characters are so dissimilar that a successful partnership requires great tolerance from both. Aries will be intrigued by Virgo’s restraint and tact, however the Virgin may frown upon Aries’ extravagant ideas of sex. Although, the ram delivers consistent pleasures in bed, the probability of a successful union is not more than fifty/fifty.
  • Aries-Libra: They can sustain a short-term alliance. Assertive Aries is able to free the balance from the burden of indecision. Libra can teach the ram greater sophistication in the carnal arts. But even though both partners enjoy the sex, Aries promiscuity will disappoint relationship oriented Libra. As successful as their couplings might be, marriage is out of the question.
  • Aries-Scorpio: The sex will be exhilarating, but the relationship as a whole will be disappointing. Both partners are very active and endowed with enormous physical energy, but they are too independent and both strive for power. Scorpio jealousy will prove too much for the freedom loving ram. Drawn-out disputes will negate the mutual passion and hinder their happiness. The guileless ram and devious scorpion will make for a very fragile if not freaky marriage.
  • Aries-Sagittarius: Both of these Fire Signs are adventurers in the sexual arena with lots of playful “rough and tumble” inside and outside the home. Two free and promiscuous spirits such as these can only result in an extremely open relationship. A marriage will be based solely on each satisfying the physical desires of the other.
  • Aries-Capricorn: Impulsive Aries like to experiment and is primed for action on a moment’s notice. Stick-in-the mud Capricorn, on the other hand, prefer their sex in one way and even perhaps at a certain time of day. Although Cappy’s passions are naturally subdued, Aries can, over time, destroy their prudence and awaken in the sea-goat a strong libido. In fact, the prospects are more favorable for marriage than for a tryst.
  • Aries-Aquarius: Their physical relationship will be hot and freaky. Aries will try and seize power, and because Aquarius is more passive will think they have control of the relationship. Aquarius, however, has not surrendered and will never accept a subordinate role. To deal with their kooky partner, Aries will have to show a lot of tact (which is in short supply with the ram). If with a bit of understanding, they can work out the “kinks” and settle into a comfortable grind, this novel and eventful union can turn into a very happy marriage.
  • Aries-Pisces: The stars don’t line up well for this couple, Aries is too remote and insensitive for emotional and dreamy Pisces, and rams can’t allow fish to dowse their flames. However, both enjoy their sexual fantasies and the erotic play works well for them. A long term relationship will flounder due to the great differences in temperaments.

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