aries-aries compatibilityAries-Aries Compatibility makes for a deliciously stimulating relationship in bed, but that’s only 10 minutes (or less) a day. With not one but two “Gods-o-War” and “Hell on Wheels” it’s the other 23 plus hours of who’s first in the bathroom, and who gets up for the 2:00AM feeding, and who lets the dog out, and such, that finally drives Aries to religion or the bottle! These two hard-headed, hyper, Fire/Cardinal Signs will always be competing with each other, and, don’t expect them to play nice.

Aries-Aries compatibility doubles your pleasure and doubles your funk. Aries understand their partner’s need for independence because they’re the same way; but at times, possessiveness will result in the thundering collisions of butting heads. They have to learn not to constantly compete with one another. If they can do that, their partnership can be one of the Zodiac’s most powerful.

Fire rules the First, Fifth and Ninth Astrology Houses. Those graced by Fire are enthusiastic and sometimes larger than life. Unattended, Fire can burn out of control. True, it’s often a fire-storm that quickly consumes itself, leaving the exhausted ram sorry and apologetic. But, the damage done is often unforgivable, much less forgettable.

Fire is the great, creative force that manifests itself in unique ways, and those in its glow are also wonderfully courageous and lively spirits. Those influenced by Fire are self-sufficient, spontaneous and possess a tremendous zest for life.

If there’s a flip side to the Element of Fire, it can be that those who bear its will can be overly strident in getting their way. Call it bossy, even. These folks can come across rather forcefully. Selfishness and an overdeveloped ego can also be seen as part of a fiery individual’s shadowy side.

Fire Signs are strong, self-assured, creative and fun. When they get too hot to touch, though, it may be a good idea to stand back! An Aries-Aries love match is a meeting of two strong spirits; generally, the relationship is positive and enthusiastic. They love to try new things – often extreme sports or some other intense activity. Resolving the inescapable complications of any intimate relationship can be tricky with these two giant egos constantly clashing. They must determine to work together.

Since both partners like things to go their way, they must make a conscious effort not to be selfish. Aries also has a natural generosity, however, so two Aries together can certainly learn to take turns indulging each other. Aries are very open with their feelings; totally straightforward, two Aries will never have problems with deceit or hypocrisy. Both partners will have trouble with temper outbursts that result from hasty judgments. Aries just wants to get on with it, and get over with it.

Aries is ruled by the Mars the God of War, and, like two soldiers in a battle, two Aries can either fight together or against each other – but they will fight. Mars also represents passion, and Aries tends to have an active and exciting time with any lover. This energy is only heightened with another Aries. And, though arguments are inevitable for this pair, the best is yet to come – first of all,

Two Aries will maintain a constant battle over who will be the leader. Neither partner likes to submit, so compromise is essential as is the need to always keep the egos in check. Under the best circumstances, this relationship can run smoothly, besides, Aries is too busy to hold a grudge for long, and making up is so much fun!

Cardinal Signs are skilled and masterful instigators. When they see what they want, they pursue it without a moment’s thought. They never waste time considering consequences; which hardly ever matters because Aries hardly ever finishes anything it starts. He/she just doesn’t have the time or the interest. As soon as our “horny one” gets bored, it’s off the new adventures and excitement.

So why would an Aries ever “hookup” with another Aries? It’s that exciting spontaneity that always keeps things new and that’s so hard to find with anyone else. Aries-Aries compatibility guarantees that there will never be a dull moment. Their mutual energy and that hot, make-up-sex after disagreements makes theirs a very passionate affair. Explore Zodiac Compatibility. Back to the top of Aries-Aries Compatibility?