aquarius water bearerAquarius, January 20 – February 18, is Fixed Sign, Air Sign, and masculine (Yang). It has the birthstone Garnet or Amethyst, and the colors green and black. It shares traits with Chinese Tiger Horoscopes.

Powerful Saturn, the father of the Roman gods, was the original ruler of Aquarius. Uranus, only discovered in 1781, was assigned to Aquarius also. Saturn is a cool, contained energy, and Uranus is about all things different and unusual. Saturn demands of Aquarius discipline and much hard work, while a forward thinking mind is a gift of Neptune.

The Aquarius horoscope belongs to the “friendliest people in the universe”. These excellent judges of human nature understand that mistakes are necessary to help the spirit grow. Needing a crowd to feel stimulated, they like to surround themselves with lots of people, preferably family and friends. Always searching the crowds for the next interesting person to charm, if they don’t know him/her – they soon will. Symbolic of the Gods nourishing the earth, the Water Bearer sustains mankind with life giving energies.

One of the first referred to as the “Water Bearer” was the Greek God Zeus. The Age of Aquarius is perfectly represented by this sign, as they are forever occupied with making the world work better. Much of their energy is focused on social institutions. Aquarius has the social conscience needed to usher us into the new millennium. Philanthropic, humanitarian, and keenly interested in making the world a better place, Aquarius is known as the “Humanitarian of the Zodiac”.

A “Fixed Sign” perseveres when working toward a goal – once a path is set, they’ll follow it to the end. Aquarius’ “airy” partners are Gemini and Libra. The more planets you have in the Air signs the more pro-active and self-determining you are. The Air signs go for freedom of action and freedom of movement. Air signs need to be able to come and go at will. Their domain is the air we breathe, hence they are conduits for communication and the exchange of ideas.

Aquarius is interested in anything that’s original and different. Still, it’s also a fixed-air sign with powerful collective leanings, the Water Bearer doesn’t become so weird or individualized that they feel isolated from society, but instead want to improve it. They do hope that their so-called strangeness will be approved, since its fixity makes them less willing to change their nature in order to please others.

Air must experience intelligent, social dialogues, and thus Aquarius is not out to unnecessarily alienate people. It is very fond of following the workings of the world, particularly from a sociological view, one implying an cerebral, impersonal perspective. However, Aquarius take for granted that human feelings get in the way of effective perception. The Water Bearer believes that emotionality tends to distort or cloud the truth in a manner that an objective, detached mind never would.

After Capricorn, Aquarius takes us to a different stage of relating to society, one that allows space for greater cultural experimentation. Capricorn trust everyone to toe the line in ways that keep the community uniform. It distrusts outsiders or those who jeopardize cultural cohesion. Yet Aquarius thinks that it’s time to bend a few of the Sea-Goat’s time-honored rules and sees what happens when people are given a sample of greater social expression and freedom. Uniformity flies out the window as Aquarius, who dare to be different, intentionally shock society from time to time.

Aquarius energy seems willful and rebellious, yet in reality is fighting for the right of all people to be themselves, rather than to blindly obey the System, and defer mindlessly to authority. They urge us to flout any limited mind set that permits others to determine the life and lifestyle we live. Associated with Saturn, they knows how hard it is to get anything done within a group that lacks steady commitment and organization.

The revolutionary character of Aquarius is better represented by Uranus, a planet of unbridled truth-seeking, and innovative thinking. This is the side of the Aquarius that cannot abide social restraints based merely on majority rule or stale, unquestioned traditions. This is the rebel with a cause nature of Aquarius, ready to demolish the walls of conformity.

Aquarius is not a malcontent or social misfit eager to destroy the Establishment (dissatisfied Uranus is more inclined to be like that). Aquarius is actually a farsighted dreamer who can picture better worlds of tomorrow for all. They are blessed with a reformist intellect that enables them to brainstorm clever solutions that help make our common lives more interesting.

Somewhat of a techno-freak, Aquarius loves to investigate innovative ways to turn everyday life into more of a science-fiction novel. In their Uranus “mode”, they are wild-eyed geniuses who live in an energized world of theoretical concepts and abstract thought that correlates to reality’s mentally fluid spirit. If you can imagine it, then it’s possible.

Never stop being original, thinks Aquarius, who has no trouble ordering all narrow-minded skeptics to, “take a hike”. Because of this, they are discounted as oddball eccentrics who are too far-out to be taken seriously, unless they start causing problems in the ranks (and then they must be muzzled). Otherwise, their entertaining and harmless futuristic ravings are bearable. Luckily, Aquarius is dispassionate enough not being all that emotionally sensitive, to brush off the scorn of critics.

They remain determined to devise a social vision that is far ahead of its time. That’s not to say that they don’t flip out on occasion and become disturbing to the community as some type of “wack-job”, but, behind any seeming madness, their intention is to encourage respect and appreciation for human individuality. They want everyone to feel loosed from time-worn social conventions.

One of the primary themes associated with Aquarius is friendship, yet not that of the bosom-buddy type. Aquarius is much too democratic, and too diverse in their tastes to ever think they could choose only one person to be their best friend in the entire world. They want to be sociable and friendly with lots of fascinating people, and they do this by forming casual bonds that do not require heavy, one-on-one involvement or high maintenance (as if that’s something that a person claiming to have hundreds of “close friends” need worry about).

Although Aquarius may seem emotionally detached and aloof, its liberal attitudes are just what it needs to develop and grow. Freedom of movement is important to them, which is harder to actualize when involved with people who are needy or clingy. Air needs space, and good ventilation. They like groups, but hate being crowded. They need as much elbow room, socially speaking, as does Sagittarius. Still, charitable Aquarius will volunteer their time to help out friends in need, particularly when something extraordinary is happening in such peoples lives.

They are given to unusual mental patterns, such as erratic brain-wave activity that permits them to flash on ideas at lightning speed, and to quickly have the answers their looking for. They are able to tap into the future and work such images into the now, for at least a fleeting look. Their intuition comes and goes, but when they feel “zapped”, they know they’re on the right track and will follow their gutsy hunches about situations and people.

However, being an airy and mental, they will want to come up with a theory to explain how and what they know. They have a talent for designing thought systems that are complex and brilliant. For them, flashes of insight often hold an instant over-view of the whole picture. All they have to do is intellectually assemble, and flesh out their grand vision, while adding even more to it, as one burst of insight sparks another.

Their biggest obstacle, in selling their futuristic concepts, is an obvious impatience with sluggish minds that are too fear-based to accept bold challenges. Aquarius lacks the persuasive art of diplomatic Libra, and they can explode when rebuffed by those who resist hearing what real genius sounds like. (But I’ve found the answer! Implores frustrated Aquarius.)

Of course, not all Aquarius are geniuses, but they are bright and open-minded enough to maintain their brains well exercised. Their talent is to be able to look at any situation from an unusual slant, one that usually draws objections from conservatives. They need to stay calm and develop common sense and when eagerly pitching their visionary ideals, especially when Uranus is demanding that reform happen overnight.

Level-headed and, in their estimation, highly rational, everything needs to make sense, which is why they take a dim view of entirely emotional interpretations of life. The Water element of feelings is murky to them in ways that are blinding. Avoiding mental fogginess at all costs, they insist on intellectual clarity.

Emotions put us in touch with personal matters of the heart. Brainy Aquarius doesn’t always relate well to even their own purely personal, heart-felt needs (apart from their future hopes for the greater good). Certainly not the sentimental type, their ego has a hard time focusing solely on self-fulfillment in ways that elicit a personal sense of being better than others and “special”. It’s no wonder that this Zodiac Sign is as far removed from Leo as can be.

They are quick to divert attention away from themselves and onto those with whom they network. With such a hard time warming up to themselves, even for all the honest reasons, others often feel that actually, friendly Aquarius has a frigid side to their nature that makes their hearts unreachable.

Yet, if they are the adventurous, social experimenter they claim to be, why not dive into the unknown depths of feeling and find out what happens? How bad can it be to summon a few tears or even an illogical spasm of rage once in a while? They may find that poring over quantum physics is a much easier task than turning on their emotional valve and permitting raw feelings to flow. Nonetheless, they need to attack life, at times, straight from the heart and not panic if it goes against their mind-glorifying ideologies.

Mental Aquarius is so preoccupied with exploring the unusual in life that they could probably entertain themselves forever with their human observations and eclectic studies, even if they had no one else with whom to share this experience. Fixed signs are more or less self-contained, although Aquarius and Leo really need people. Water Bearers knows that their own progress depends on how successfully they can fraternizes with all members of society, in their efforts to enlighten folks about better ways to heighten their consciousness and expand their social awareness.

Perhaps because the ego is not as pronounced in this sign, they have less difficulty being a team player. In fact, the nature of any planet located in Aquarius at birth determines how open we are to participating in group activity – Uranus, Saturn, and Mars seem to be less adaptable and cooperative here.

Not caring much for prima donnas who believe they’re better than the rest, it’s no wonder that this sign is often the enemy of royalty and privilege. Still, they need to understand, perhaps by working more on their emotional development, that not everyone is psychologically prepared to do well in groups or to savor exchanging energy on that impersonal a degree.

Their modern agent of social insight is Uranus, a planet with a gusto for inventive living. Called the “Great Awakener”, Uranus is no champion of the status quo. It is a vitalizing force that stirs rapid and dynamic collective growth, the kind that’s not readily assimilated by the masses until the shock wears off and the reform are later seen as excitingly modern. Aquarius loves to identify themselves with such a planet, and both understand what it’s like to be misunderstood by society.

Although Uranus can be obdurate, so sold on the correctness of its glorious vision that it won’t accept any other outlook, it’s not really all that fixed in its temperament, like Aquarius, who can be very set in their principles. They won’t compromise when it comes to standards and are accused of forcing reformative measures onto others. They can be more dictatorial that they realize.

Uranus, although volatile in its urgency to change things, doesn’t prolong any social campaign for too long, especially when substitute routes are made available. Aquarius obstinacy, on the other hand, can appear reactionary and less disposed than Uranus to change with the times. That’s when their true, fixed character expresses itself, loud and clear. Uranus is more erratic and sporadic in nature than apparently better focused Aquarius. Uranus is more fiery in spirit than the cool-headed Water Bearer, although this sign can be passionately supportive of controversial and unpopular causes.

Uranus protects its own freedoms first, and may seem callous to the plight of others, while the Saturn side of Aquarius finds much of what Uranus represents to be unbalanced and not in the best interest of the public at large. The intuitive perception of this planet, and its courage to plunge headlong into the unknown, fascinates Aquarius, who likes to suppose that one’s mental powers are only bound by one’s fears, doubts, and ignorance. Wherever Aquarius appears in our chart defines where we’re allowed to take abrupt turns and swing away from any conservative indoctrination we’ve received through the pressures of traditional society.

We may discover ourselves resistant to authority, particularly the kind that threatens our ability to think for ourselves and arrive at unconventional conclusions. Our life may not be a steady and smooth experience wherever Aquarius is stressed, since sudden changes can channel us in unexpected directions, yet often beneficially so. Flexibility is important, even though we may try to force outer conditions to surrender to our ideals, with mixed results.

Aquarius is where we dare ourselves to break down social boundaries, and live life on the crazy and wild side, in fun, self-revealing ways. It’s difficult to hang on to certainty wherever we have Aquarius, since life situations may constantly call for change, not stability. But the one thing that we can depend upon is a rousing time, once we let go and quit trying to live the life that others have mapped out for us without our consent. Time on Earth is too brief to be wasted in satisfying another’s short-sighted definition of our proper role as a member of society.

Intellectually stimulating, mentally alert, gregarious and sociable, Air signs enjoy being around other people. They are curious, observant, perceptive, and inquisitive. They live completely in the here and now, and want to be a part of whatever is going on.

Aquarius are progressive, visionary, souls who spend their time thinking about how things can be made better. They are also quick to enlist others in this process, which is why they have so many acquaintances and friends. They take every occasion to be the organizer, the extrovert, and the party animal.

They are the most tolerant of all the characters of the Zodiac. Respecting other’s beliefs, they feel that everyone has the right to his own approach to life. Considerate of others, they are always willing to lend a helping hand to whoever is in need, always feeling a strong bond between themselves and all other human beings. The more different types of people they know, the happier they are.

As they bear life-sustaining waters to mankind as a gift, temperamental and passionate Aquarius showers the world with their new ideas and thoughts. At near-genius levels, their minds pump out some amazing things. The fact that they think so inventively and creatively is one of their greatest assets. All about technology and progress, they’re fascinated by the latest gadgets, and next-generation technologies, always searching for stimulation. Their thought process is also original and inventive. While pleased to bestow these ideas as gifts with no strings attached, they are happier yet when the rest of the world shares a vision with them.

As Air, they approach sex mentally, their innate curiosity leading them to experiment creatively between the sheets. Pushing the envelope is a instinctive response for them, and they’ll constantly test the waters for ever more boundless pleasures. A delicious mystery is veiled under the surface of their self-control. Unconventional yet innovative, they are charmers who can impress a crowd and draw considerable strength from the partner at their side. However, they resist possessiveness, choosing to belong to the world at large rather than one single person.

Forceful and strong-willed, they seeks “truth” above all else. Altruistic, sincere, free and active, they are determined, even stubborn, and like to assume the lead in their relationships. Always concise, clear, intelligent, and logical, they are artistic, highly imaginative, and psychically intuitive. The Age of Aquarius, an age of great spiritual awakening, is much anticipated in psychic circles.

The last of the Air Signs as well as the last of the Fixed Signs, there is little that can convey the state of evolution to be reached when humanity as a whole progresses to the condition of Aquarius, and the man of the objective or concrete world attains perfection in the subjective world.

The nature of fixed/air infers that thoughts may become concentrated, and fixed, and thus real. Quiet, unobtrusive, determined, patient, and faithful, they have the power to concentrate their thoughts, and are generally scientific and philosophic, leading toward unconventionality, and reformation. With clear, bright intellects, the patiently persevere in all their pursuits.

Problems in circulation is their chief, physical complaint, when not living progressive, healthy lives. Often, they have more mental stamina, than physical, therefore fresh air and exercise is their best medicine. Harmonious surroundings, beautiful scenery, and concentrating their thoughts upon perfect circulation and good health, will greatly benefit them physically. Governing the legs from knees to ankles, and the circulation of blood, they are susceptible to ailments particularly in the legs and ankles, such as cramps, and also spasmodic and nervous complaints.

Discriminating, honest, steady, and truly intelligent, they are noted for the sincerity and integrity they possess. The fixed and intense love of nature common to the fixed signs combines well with the refined mental nature of the airy signs. They are devoted in their love until the end, their love customarily living in the higher mind. They triumph in life where others fail, and have clear understanding of all they undertake. They are thoughtful, studious, and at the same time versatile. Aquarius is compatible with its own sign, Aries, Gemini, Virgo, Leo and Sagittarius.

Some famous Aquarians include Abraham Lincoln, Francis Bacon, Charles Lindbergh, Charles Darwin, Bob Marley, James Dean, John McEnroe, Charles Dickens, Rasputin, John Travolta, Germaine Greer, Jules Verne,, James Joyce, Virginia Woolf, Oprah Winfrey, Thomas Edison, and Wolfgang Mozart.

Possessed with the fundamental ability to become the “Replenishers” that the Water Bearer symbolizes, they can pour out upon the earth the living waters of their hearts that will nourish and sustain all around them as they merge their great mentality with their polar opposite Leo where exists the needed love, feelings, and emotions,. Light and life await those able to transform into children of Aquarius.

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