aquarius womanThe Aquarius Woman lying back in a heavily scented love nest and allowing a man to fully possess her and her vast reservoir of passion is not in her astrology. The Aquarius woman would not go for the trappings since they imply “caging”, and she wouldn’t go for the surrender either since she equates it with losing power.

Aquarius, you need to learn that you don`t give up any space when you give someone true intimacy, you expand both yours and his. The masses you embrace don’t often reject you, so what makes you think one person is more apt to? You’re willing to ask the state legislature for help, the school board for more understanding about sex education, the women’s board for more money for famine victims—why are you afraid to ask the man who loves you for something (like affection, like protection, like love)? Liberation is a key word for the Aquarius Woman.

The liberation of conservative minds is a goal she never loses sight of. The liberation of women from the traditional roles they have been thrust into is of prime importance. When Aquarius learns that too, needs some liberation, she will become an even more powerful force for liberation of others. The Aquarius horoscope and its self·imposed emotional exile is indeed a tough prison to escape from, but when it’s realized that there is a whole new frontier of intimacy and closeness awaiting, our girl will find a way to unlock the door.

A man who will share equally all her intellectual adventures is a man she will align herself with forever. Again, the mind is the most important organ in the human body for her, and if he has a good one, one as active as hers, he will be immediately attractive to her.

aquarius womanThe Aquarius Woman has a tendency to share all aspects of her life equally with her family. She will stand by her man through thick and thin, and she will no doubt provide the sustenance for him to pull himself up by the bootstraps when the going gets a little murky. She expects equality in return, and the wise man who falls in love with this futuristic, idealistic woman will give it. She makes an excellent housewife in the traditional sense if that’s what she needs to complete her intellectual circle.

On the other hand, the entire wardrobe of the family may be firmly ensconced in the laundry room hamper for days on end if she feels her energies would be more wisely spent elsewhere. She is a bundle of contradictions, of vacillating pri0rities — with one exception. Her mind and the development of mental powers in others is always primary.

Men naturally reach out to her, for she has a magnetism and a promise in her eyes that is equaled by few other signs. When she turns from men and judges them as sexists or opportunists, she confuses them. The promise she offers must be fulfilled; when she realizes this, she’ll probably make more promises, since the fulfillment is so necessary for her.

aquarius-womanHer unpredictability is also part and part of Aquarius compatibility. She can be torrid at times, a sexual leader, but when she needs her privacy and hasn’t the mental space for sex, she will become, at best, dutiful in bed. Her man needs to be able to see these times coming and respect them. The Aquarius woman won’t ask for much in terms of affection, love, intimacy, so he should be willing to court her aloofness by asking her to ask for warmth. He`s surely taking a risk by forcing her into anything, but if she responds, she will learn the lesson quickly and well. If he can be futuristic in his sexual attitudes, she will be futuristic in her responses. He shouldn’t be afraid of experimenting with her, for her whole life is based on experimentation, on testing the waters that flow just out of her physical reach. She will provide him with tips on what routes to take, and when the sexual trip is well on its way, she will take over the wheel and drive them both to a sexual destination that is unbelievably full of satisfaction and further craving. If he can convince her to hand over the keys to her little box of stored·up sexual secrets, he will have accomplished the near-impossible. She is capable of surrender, and he will no doubt profit from his labors if he can maintain the pace.

They are often more attracted to the power and intellect of her father than to the nurturing, maternal aspects of her mother. She can, and often does, develop a crush on her father that carries over well into her teenage years. She respects his wisdom and worldly knowledge and feels that she too must learn to acquire these traits.

The idealizing of the father (or older male members of the extended family) tends to create in her a deprecating attitude toward females in general. It becomes nearly impossible for her to have close, meaningful relationships with other girls, and in her search for a young man to live up to her father’s image, she goes through half the male population of her high school.

Most simply, Aquarius needs to learn how to trust. She also needs to learn about life on a more practical plane. Theoretical principles and ideas are the tools for a better future, but concrete acts of closeness, sharing, and intimacy are the things people are made of.

She needs to cultivate the ability first to feel, then to feel as others do. She is likely to develop her own brand of feeling and declare it adequate, if not superior. She shares other things with people, like information and learning; so she can also learn how to draw upon some acceptable and established theories about feeling. Her competitive skills are honed to a razor sharpness.

She can be unconsciously hurtful if that’s part of getting results. Often when she competes with men, she employs castration type tactics to gain a sense of dominance. The Aquarius Woman is good enough at winning that she needn’t resort to unfair fighting techniques with men. Aquarius is a woman, whether she chooses to embrace that truth is her decision.

She rejects that which makes her the charming, forceful, and powerful person she is – her femininity. She has perhaps lost touch with much of her femaleness in search of her maleness. A balance must be found, or one will become too powerful. She fears rejection, yet by adopting a strongly “male” attitude while being in the body of a female, she opens herself up for it.

She needs to let go once in awhile, if for no other reason than to find out what it feels like. She’ll probably like the feeling well enough to try it again, but it does take practice. Being controlled can guarantee professional achievement but often causes personal fulfillment to wane.

Aquarius, when you feel the urge to chuck it all and fall passionately in love with the man whose mind is so attractive, do it. The Aquarius woman is strong enough to recover should she make a mistake. Mistakes are measures of success, and you cannot always rely on feedback from your masses to prove your effectiveness. Prove it to yourself by taking risks, by opening up and letting go. The depth of your passion and the free-flowing warmth you‘ll feel from your toes to the outer reaches of your great mind will probably make you swoon.

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