aquarius-virgo compatibilityAquarius-Virgo Compatibility brings out either the best or worst in both of this pair. Virgo has a more inflexible, theory-oriented approach to life, while the poetic Aquarius knows little of the scientific world. However, the Aquarius-Virgo compatibility astrology may actually flourish on their differences. They grow together as they discover more about one another.

Aquarius tends to be temperamental and passionate while Virgo functions more methodically, with little excitement. Virgo is very levelheaded and organized. Modern Aquarius finds routine inconceivable. Virgo finds Aquarius stimulating but may become exasperated when trying to probe this artist’s mind. While finding Virgo criticism upsetting, Aquarius appreciates the solid base the practical Virgin provides.

Virgo is an Earth Sign and Aquarius an Air Sign. Aquarius journeys through life looking for pure spiritual enlightenment, Virgo, on the other hand, is more intellectual. Virgo searches the ‘how’ and ‘why’ of a situation, as Aquarius simply focuses on what tickles their fancy, sensible or not, and usually asks “what’s next?” At times both may find it hard to understand the others point of view. Conflicts can pop up in this relationship if Virgo becomes preoccupied with producing the perfect relationship or if Aquarius seems too indifferent. Both partners must respect and appreciate each other’s view of the world, and realize that they have much to learn from their partner.

Virgo, ruled by mental Mercury, is a Mutable Sign and Aquarius, ruled by “quirky” Uranus and severe Saturn, a Fixed Sign. Aquarius can be opinionated, unreasonable, and stubborn. Both are very passionate and determined when working toward their goals. Virgo adjusts well to any social situation, and is pleased to serve Aquarius as long as their efforts are acknowledged and valued. Conflicts are rare, and are generally resolved by Virgo’s accommodating nature more than by any yielding on Aquarius’s part. If the two understand they’re laboring together for a shared goal, it’s much easier for them to accomplish it. Virgo more realistic than Aquarius is willing to budge in order to avoid a heated fight.

What’s the best aspect of Aquarius-Virgo compatibility horoscopes? It’s that when they work together, their combined objectives drive them to phenomenal deeds. This relationship can prove to be enlightening, informative, and a pleasure to both involved. Explore Aquarius Compatibility with the other Zodiac Signs.

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