aquarius-taurus compatibilityAquarius-Taurus Compatibility has the power to move mountains, if only they can figure out how to combine their energies. The Taurus common sense, down-to-earth attitude toward life is opposite to the Aquarius eccentric, out-of-this-world viewpoint to just about everything. Aquarius is the most revolutionary mind in the Zodiac, while Taurus bull-headedly resists change on principle. Aquarius-Taurus compatibility astrology appears to have few interests in common, except for a very strong need to succeed – which means they probably make better professional partners than lovers.

Since both are extremely stubborn, they must be careful not to get into needless squabbles, especially because of their contrasting responses to tension. Taurus tends to charge, like the Bulls they are, when they get angry, whereas Aquarius becomes aloof and withdrawn under pressure, putting as much space as possible between themselves and their “tormentor”. This makes Taurus press even harder, causing Aquarius to retreat farther, … and so on.

Both like things to go their way with as little hassle as possible. Progressive, modern Aquarius finds Taurus commitment to routine boring. Dull Taurus finds Aquarius exciting but is driven mad trying to keep up with this innovator’s quick mind. In spite of these differences, however, they do have something to contribute to each other. Though Aquarius will have a difficult time conceding it, they find the rock solid base of Taurus to be comforting and reassuring, and Taurus finds Aquarius exhilarating, if not exactly comfortable.

Aquarius is ruled by strict Saturn and rebellious Uranus, and Taurus by sensuous Venus. Venus is feminine and warm, while Saturn is masculine and cold. Uranus is about all things unusual and strange. Venus focuses on romance, sensual pleasures, and beauty, all of which are pleasing and important to the bull. Saturn focuses Aquarius on discipline and hard work and to achieving goals, and Uranus imparts to the water-bearer their revolutionary views. Taurus can demonstrate to Aquarius that life based on emotions is improved by comfort and beauty. Aquarius shows Taurus how to keep progressing and developing, and how to discard what isn’t working (an important point for Taurus to understand).

Aquarius is an Air Sign, and Taurus an Earth Sign. Aquarius is concerned with intellectual relationships and pursuits while Taurus focuses on more sensual and practical matters. Taurus asks, “How does this help me accomplish my purpose in life?” Aquarius asks, “What’s next already?” These two will have difficulty interpreting one another. If Aquarius comes across as too cold and aloof, or Taurus becomes too “clingy”, trouble is bound to follow. However, if they function from a base of mutual respect and love, they will grow to appreciate how each other operates.

Aquarius and Taurus are both stubborn, Fixed Signs, who once they’ve made up their minds, don’t like changing their opinions or viewpoints. This inflexibility extends to their home life as well. Once they’ve pledged themselves to another person, almost nothing can persuade them to give up on the relationship.

If the union is smooth and mutually rewarding, it’s very good, but if the relationship is stifled or repressed for either or both partners, their intractability and refusal to admit that the relationship is over can seriously handicap their progress in life. Once they realize that working as a team is more beneficial than butting heads, they will be effective. As Taurus is more practical, they are usually the first to back down in an quarrel (if they feel it sensible to do so).

What’s the best feature of Taurus-Aquarius compatibility horoscopes? The unbeatable team-power that is attainable once they clear their course of obstacles. Both have dominant personalities, so neither will command the other, regardless of how hard they try. This team can be stimulated, fulfilled, and genuinely compatible once they work out the kinks in their harness. Explore Aquarius Compatibility with the other Zodiac Signs.

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