aquarius manThe Aquarius Man, with a genius that borders on insanity, has the unique ability to introduce ideas which can transform the world. His approach in doing so may be impersonal, unpredictable, and at times cold, but what would you expect from a mad scientist? Aquarius Man is of the Air Signs – the lofty air of the intellect.

They retain whatever knowledge they come by, and are perceptive enough to turn all their forces to their best advantage. They are acquisitive without being stingy, and are inclined to bequeath their possessions for the benefit of humanity. Like the Aquarius Woman, they quickly take to strangers, and rarely view others as in any way strange to them, and through their excellent talent for reading and judging human character they rarely make mistakes in their appraisal of others.

As long as any particular friend doesn’t hit him up too often to do small favors (and he sizes up such users quickly), the Aquarius man is willing to pitch in and help without looking for anything in return. Compare that to Libra and Capricorn who both keep track of every little favor asked and expect others to return the kindness (especially the Goat).

aquarius manThey are people that one feels one may depend upon, and they inspire trust by their even-tempered dispositions. They are nearly always humane, kind, and retiring. They are tremendously fond of music, art, and literature, but seem to have more aptitude for scientific studies, and in this they are helped substantially by their penetrating, and intuitive nature. When fully individualized, the Aquarius man has a great love for all humanitarian concerns, and undertakings that produce benefits for the many. This gives them prominent social tendencies, and makes them pleased to please others.

Aquarius man succeeds best in life in all avocations where concentration of thought, and steady application of the mind are required. They make good designers, artists, and musicians. They have inventive genius, and are given credit for more inventions for the welfare of humanity than any other sign. They would have eminence in all employments associated with electricity, or as writers, or any connection with railroads.

aquarius manThe Aquarius horoscope possesses artistic, and literary ability above the average, and is always more or less prone to the occult sciences. Aquarius make brilliant researchers on scientific lines. When awakened, they are careful in their thought, patient in devotion, and develop excellent memories for intuitive ideas. Their main feature is the remarkable ability that it provides for the study of human nature.

Aquarius man is a born character-reader, and is rarely mistaken in his judgment. His astrology exhibits the essence of air, and a mentality of the highest and most refined nature, which makes him a clear reasoner, careful student, and natural clairvoyant. Along purely personal lines, he is somewhat diffusive, deceptive, chaotic, tricky and clever for his own purposes. Somewhat egotistical, conceited, apt to use his iron will in the direction of self-serving mental desires, he is inclined to be capricious and vacillating, often boasting of things he cannot effect.

Aquarius man likes to keep his ties on the stimulating, but casual side. He doesn’t lose sleep over friends who pop in and out of his life. He won’t tolerate being controlled by others and, much like Gemini, he frequently needs to relate to new faces. Aquarius doesn’t want relationships that are too time-consuming or demanding, and doesn’t permit himself to get too committed and attached in his social contacts. He breezes in and out of the lives of many, and is pleased to be able to identify and relate to a wide range of entertaining folks.

He typically believes that a lot can get accomplished with the right type of social cooperation, but he hardly considers the sundry needs of each individual that makes up the team. He believes that to remain democratic, everyone should receive the same treatment with no special advantages for anyone. Somewhat paradoxically, he supports human individuality on one hand, but also believes in universal standards that should apply to everyone, unconditionally.

Finding routine unimaginable, he does not fancy detail. Modern and the most enlightened thinker of the Zodiac he sees life as an intellectual discipline, a constant expansion and exploration of the mind. A passion for new things, life, and novel situations motivate him, and he abhors restrictive influences. Uranus (Rebellion) is about all things atypical and odd – of creativity and new ideas, and it’s from this Planet that he gets his marvelous vision.

Aquarius drive us to come up with clever solutions rather than to remain stuck in a rut. Life opens many doors by surprise, some that allow us to enter naturally and partake of novel ways to create a better reality for others and for ourselves. Aquarius teaches us to become more social and willing to find out about those who are manifestly different from us. Humanity is fashioned from a wide jumble of colorful folks who can help us understand that we are all universal citizens. Aquarius needs to take a trip around the world with Sagittarius to see just what a romp cultural diversity can be.

Aquariius man on occasion will express his Saturn conservatism when involved in larger social responsibilities. He wants democratic progress to be made at a slower pace, carefully, and is apprehensive of any radical change that might abruptly shake up workable, established frameworks, even those that once were considered to be radical and progressive. Saturn dominated Aquarius man will put promising social reforms through infinite committee evaluations before rejecting or accepting them.

He is, however, part of a group of zodiac signs (Sagittarius to Pisces) that is trying to foster a more trans-personal awareness of life, beyond the normal features of ordinary ego-functioning. Therefore, the Aquarius man thinks that the proper path is to not permit himself to be directed by his own heart or by the emotionality of someone else. To unify the world, he understands that mankind needs to feel truly for one another – to empathize. But, having learned early in life to flee tedium and monotony, it is very difficult for him to attach himself to people and things, since that only results in frustration and emotional torment.

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