aquarius libraAquarius-Libra Compatibility can heighten and strengthen both Signs’ consciousness. These two connect on a high mental level, and they share a love of art, people and culture. They both abhor restrictive influences in their lives. They are likely to get along well because they have such similar needs and will not require more of one another than they’re both willing to give. Aquarius-Libra compatibility astrology is also very enthusiastic and energetic. This relationship is not likely to stagnate.

Both Aquarius and Libra are concerned with the improvement of the world and their fellow man. Aquarius is the most enlightened thinker of the Zodiac, and they always have a new notion in the works. Libra is the zodiac’s diplomat, detesting conflict of any sort. They are natural born balancers, as bespeaks their symbol, the Scales.

Libra’s love of intellectual freedom together with their urge to avoid conflict lead them to be indecisive at times. When this happens, more determined Aquarius steps in to help Libra decide which direction to turn. Libra returns the favor by smoothing the occasionally ruffled feathers that result when the Water Bearer’s idealistic thinking comes crashing down in the face of eventual reality.

Libra is ruled by the Venus (Love) and Aquarius by the Planets Saturn (Karma) and Uranus (Rebellion). This combination of forces can be a productive and interesting one. Libra and Aquarius should clearly take up other enterprises together than merely their love relationship, since they can make impressive things happen using their hearts, their impulse for progress and their notable consciousness of the greater good. These two are an extraordinary team when standing up for radical change and social justice in the community.

Libra and Aquarius are both Air Signs. They have solid intellectual bonds to one another and continuously stimulate one another’s communication styles, ideas and skills. Again, their faculty for working together makes it obvious that these two must shoulder larger projects in their life together. They should involve themselves with the greater good. Libra can bring a balance to any undertaking that almost no other Zodiac Sign is able to accomplish. Aquarius and Libra together will also have many exhilarating, intellectual discussions about their pursuits and interests.

Libra is a Cardinal Sign, and Aquarius a Fixed Sign. Libra starts things in motion but has trouble completing them, which is what makes the Aquarius persevering influence so positive. The Water Bearer has a great deal of push and can take Libra’s concepts and run with them to the finish line. These two work particularly well together as they tend not to debate about who does what, who gets the credit and who works behind the scenes instead of in the spotlight.

What’s the best aspect of Aquarius-Libra compatibility horoscopes? Their knack for working together as a team. They can learn much more together than either would alone. Their love of socializing, accomplishments, and new projects make theirs a highly successful love match. Explore Aquarius Compatibility with the other Zodiac Signs.

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