aquarius horoscopeThe Aquarius Horoscope (Jan 20 – Feb 19) unmasks a rather retiring, shy, nature. They like to keep their own counsel and company more than is good for them, for if this tendency is allowed full scope, it breeds melancholy and makes them reclusive. They have an unassuming, quiet, manner which gains many friends, and their home life is generally ideal. They are affectionate and of a very kind and sweet disposition. They are always ready to cede a point for the sake of harmony, and to bow to the opinion of a loved one. The Aquarius horoscope is of Fixed Mode and is very constant in all things, including their affections.

Aquarius, an Air Sign, is intellectual and of a sound mind. Their rulers Saturn and Uranus give them depth of judgment, intuition and an inclination towards literature, science, and philosophy. Remarkably persistent in whatever they set about, they generally succeed in the long run. As the 11th sign it partakes of the qualities of the 11th House, being well liked among their associates and having many friends. Proud and jealous of the regard of others, one of the Aquarius traits is worrying to a fault. Like Leos, they are passionate in their likes and dislikes, and will do anything for those who have captured their affection. But, they resent any attempt at coercion, and under such circumstances are extremely stubborn. In fact, once an opinion has been formed, the will not easily change. As one of the most sensitive signs, their mental condition affects their physical well being more than they are conscious of.

Ruled by Uranus a positive, masculine Fixed Air Sign, Aquarius are always fifty years ahead of their time. Their polar opposite is Leo. The Aquarius Man is tough to pin down to a commitment. Friends with the whole world; falling in love is hard for them. Secretive, they do not reveal own their true feelings, even though they probe deeply into the minds of others. A typical “group person”, teamwork comes naturally to them. They will not favor one particular person, for their love of people is impersonal, and attention is equally bestowed on all. They observe the watchword “change” religiously, and are game for anything new, even if it stirs up controversy. They do not compromise on their principles, even if the situation demands it.

The Aquarius Woman is a bundle of contradictions that carries over into her love life. Faithful in love, she can also be aloof and detached. Her demands for freedom are insistent, but her allegiance to whomever can accept romance within her limits is boundless. With charming manners, she usually behaves in a reserved, almost timid manner. She loathes logic, as her mind jumps back and forth between today and tomorrow, with no consistent pattern. She follows the same policy with responsibilities. The line between love and friendship is often invisible to her. Susceptible to sudden flashes of inspiration, her intuition is remarkable.

The Aquarius horoscope is most compatible with “scatter-brained” Gemini. Courtships begin in a group setting. Once they zero in on their target, though, a zany and offbeat romance is likely to result. Their minds have a great facility for imaginative and creative play, and a partner who appreciates their quirks is the best bet. Since they will keep secrets, a lover who can tenderly draw them out will create a dance that will go on and on, romantically. They love to impart pleasure, in keeping with their philanthropic and altruistic natures. They also seek harmony in their harmonious and friendly way; which is a real blessing in the give and take of a relationship. They cherish vulnerability in a lover, and need a partner who can help them get in touch with their deepest feelings and teach them to put the constant analyzing aside.

One must be aware of the rules when dealing with Aquarius. Be prepared to talk about anything and everything, from the price of real estate on Maui to the latest surgical techniques. The Aquarius horoscope reveals a wide variety of interests, and will want to discuss them constantly. Surprise your Aquarius with little tidbits, and they will love it. Prepare yourself for emotional detachment, at least the first few occasions you meet. You’ll need to make a mind connection, before a physical one. Intellectual stimulation and compatibility is important in an Aquarius horoscope. Appreciate the fact that your Water Bearer is devoted to special causes. Don’t be overly demanding. The Aquarius horoscope abhors rules. The relationship requires some breathing space.

Aquarius considers the whole world as their friend, so don’t expect any special treatment for awhile. Don’t anticipate that Aquarius will snap out of a daydream any time soon, and don’t be too scornful of Aquarius dress sense. They are not one to follow fashion trends of fads. All beauty standards are their own. Their independence, confidence, and love of life make them attractive all the time. Their beauty is out of this world, not of it. If you think you can change their mind quickly, you will be disappointed. Give the Air Signs some credit for their sound minds. If their awkwardness can be overlooked, they are found to be scintillating visions. They do not waste time being their own best friend. After all, there is a world waiting to be loved out there. They like to appear natural, but a bit of craziness gets the better of them from time to time. With a fetish for anything new, if it’s natural, so much the better. No product on the market can escape their analysis, since they are constantly on the prowl for something new. With a healthy supply of self-love, they still question if they are good looking enough. When this happens, their self-esteem just needs a little boost. For Aquarius, the secret of looking good is making the best of what they have. The first flush triumph or romance adds more color to their cheeks than any expensive makeup.

Hessonite is their lucky stone, giving them a feeling of invincibility as they sally forth to conquer the world. Success comes with the Number 2. Red shades give them warmth and energy. Humanitarian, and idealistic in their beliefs, they ardently pursue causes. Trade unions, and non-profit organizations are a natural for them – anything that helps the greater good. They care so thoroughly about their brother-man that the quest for answers and knowledge is never-ending.

They relish a challenge whether it’s a battle of bantering wits or a team meeting. They have strong beliefs, and have spent so much time meditating on them that they are bound to get the job done. They spend countless hours pondering the possibilities of a project and often come up with some surprising conclusions, but it’s all in a day’s work as they carry the heavy water pots for mankind. But, the mental drudgery is never boring to this inspired child of Uranus. In fact, a dull day is a nightmare for them. Some occupations found in the Aquarius horoscope are advisor, astronaut, academic, adventure travel guide, inventor, humanitarian work, consultant, entrepreneur, market researcher, and senator.

Aquarius are the true geniuses of the Zodiac Signs. With a quicksilver mind, they can succeed at anything they apply themselves too. However, as they are perpetually lost in lofty, new ideas, they may seem distracted at times, but that’s only because they are living inside their heads, where the wheels are always spinning at warp speed. As they enjoy helping others, especially in their pet causes and through charities, money, for all intents and purposes, is not at the top of their list. Those with an Aquarius horoscope consider money as just a means to an end – like building Quinoa greenhouses on the moon. Although their astrology is basically “futurist”, Aquarius appreciate the novel character of bartering as well as the more modern concept of equal wage earning couples. Loathe to borrow, when they lend, they expect to be paid back on time.

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