aquarius cancer compatibilityAquarius-Cancer Compatibility is a case of opposites attracting. Cancer takes a cautious, emotional view to life, while the Aquarius approach is unconventional, and somewhat detached. Cancer frequently retreats into its shell, as Aquarius takes every occasion to be the extroverted organizer, and party animal. Loving to find themselves among their many friends, social settings are their favorite thing. If Aquarius-Cancer compatibility astrology can find a way to meld these properties in a positive productive way, they can go anywhere hand-in-hand.

Cancer and Aquarius are both ambitious and determined. They want to have their own way, and neither likes friction. Cancer can be old-fashioned, attached to routine and tradition, their morals are more conservative than liberal. Aquarius, however, is very progressive and numbed by routine, yawning at the boring and dull where Cancer often finds comfort.

Cancer is intrigued by the Aquarius sense of excitement, but the traditional, conventional Crab gets frustrated trying to keep pace with their lover’s revolutionary mind. While Aquarius doesn’t appreciate the possessiveness of the gripping, griping Crab, they find great contentment in the solid base Cancer provides – but, just try to get them to confess it!

Cancer is ruled by the emotional Moon, and Aquarius by strict Saturn (Karma) and Uranus (Rebellion). The Moon is feminine, radiant energy, while Saturn is contained, cool, masculine energy. Uranus likes anything new and abnormal. The Moon concerns growth and domesticity, both of which are central themes in Cancer lives.

Saturn deals with discipline and the hard work required for achievement, while Uranus represents forward-thinking. This combination makes perfect sense to futurist Aquarius, who are not afraid of getting their hands dirty. Cancer teaches intellectual, social Aquarius the value of emotional stimulus, and their feminine natures brings comfort and beauty into the home.

While Cancer demonstrates the valuable lessons of an accessible, empathetic heart, Aquarius responds with the practicality and efficiency of a cold and calculating mind. Aquarius has a talent for extricating themselves from unmanageable situations and correcting course on their way to a goal. Not completely emotionless and cold, Aquarius will benefit from the Cancer feminine, warm, Moon-based influences.

Aquarius is a mental, Air Sign, and Cancer a sensitive and vulnerable Water Sign. For Aquarius, life is an intellectual exercise, a constant expansion and exploration of the mind. Romantic Cancer stops to ask, “How does this feel?”, while pragmatic Aquarius constantly asks, “Wass gnu pussycat?”

It may be difficult for one to see where the other is coming from, and disputes arise when Aquarius gets a little too distant or Cancer too demanding. They may find themselves working at cross-purposes as Cancer clamors for more and more, and Aquarius pulls further and further away. By accepting that their points of view are different, Cancer and Aquarius can celebrate this diversity, move on, and learn to appreciate and take advantage of their differences rather than feeling endangered by them.

Aquarius is a Fixed Sign. Cancer a Cardinal Sign. Both are tireless when working toward goals. When they have an organized plan, they’ll follow it to the very end. With such a shared tenacity (and if they both value their relationship), this pair will never be deterred from their commitment to one another.

When they do run into snags, Aquarius will learn that Cancer, though seemingly shy and retiring, are actually very dogmatic and tenacious, and not above using emotional wangling on their loved ones. Aquarius is naturally annoyed by Cancer over-emotionality, but these two can get along, if they’re able to agree on a common goal.

What’s the best feature of Aquarius-Cancer compatibility horoscopes? When they finally decide to come together, they are an invincible force. When they choose to combine their disparate energies, this love match will find their own relaxed balance and enjoy their differences rather than permit them to frighten them away from an occasion to love. Explore Aquarius Compatibility with the other Zodiac Signs.

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