Aquarius-Aries Compatibility exhibits a remarkable combination of Aries action and Aquarius vision. This makes for a highly creative duo. Aquarius-Aquarius compatibility astrology is anything but static. Decidedly competitive, life with this pair is never dull. Zodiac Signs that are two apart (60°) tend to have a special karmic connection, and this couple is no exception. Making great friends, due to their ability to communicate effectively, they have a particular feel for one another’s idealistic, and enthusiastic slants on life. Both demand excitement and adventure, the wilder and weirder, the better. Both love thrills and are patent exhibitionists.

An Aquarius-Aries love match is a case of mutual admiration. Aries loves Aquarius uniqueness, and their original view of the world. Aquarius is electrified by Aries initiative and energy. Mental Aquarius is constantly coming up with new ideas, but doesn’t have the attention span (or the desire) to sort out the details and carry a project to completion. Since both prize their independence, the Aries tendency to jealousy can turn Aquarius aloof and unemotional as a self-preservation tactic. In spite of the fact that they have a special connection, they definitely see the world from very different points of view. This, they both need to come to grips with.

Intense Aries can be too engaged for Aquarius taste, and in turn Aquarius is often too aimless for Aries. Aquarius is the only Zodiac Sign that beats Aries when it comes to impulse. If both in this partnership can convince the other that the relationship is secure and important, things will be better than just okay.

Aquarius is governed by the rebellious Uranus and strict Saturn, and Aries by the passionate Mars. Aquarius gets its unique and progressive imagination from Uranus, and its philanthropy and social conscience from Saturn. Mars makes a great addition to the mix, bringing direct action to bear on the water-bearer’s soaring thoughts and ideals.

Aquarius is a mental Air Sign, and Aries an active Fire Sign. Fueling fiery Aries with plenty of oxygen, their energy is all-consuming. Aquarius inspires Aries intellectually, something that the other Signs can rarely do. Both have broad interests, so mentally agile Aquarius is sure to provide physically spry Aries with plenty of strategies for new crusades and adventures.

Aquarius is a Fixed Sign and Aries a Cardinal Sign. Aries gives Aquarius the faith to charge ahead rather than just sit in the lab cooking up new ideas. Aquarius obliges Aries to slow down, develop a bit of poise and look to the future rather than diving into life without a good battle plan. They have enough admiration respect and for each other to smooth any hurdles in their relationship.

What’s the best characteristic of Aquarius-Aries compatibility horoscopes? Their ability to accomplish wonders when they work as a team. Fixed Air and Cardinal Fire cover all the bases, and theirs is a harmonic union of both vision and action. Explore Aquarius compatibility with other members of the Zodiac.

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