aquariusAquarius-Aquarius Compatibility centers on the more positive expressions of humanity. This couple loves to make new friends, help others and, on a larger scale, ponder social change. Active and outgoing, they seem to work best under pressure. Aquarius-Aquarius compatibility offers smooth sailing for the most part, however slight jealousies tend to pop up now and then because of all their many interesting friends. Aquarius enjoys following current events and discussing progressive, modern, ideas.

Ah, the causes they support, the people they meet, and the parties they throw. Not to mention the manner in which they decorate their home. Their astrology is visionary, opinionated, unfettered, and unorthodox — a pair unlike any other. Mentally, they equate. Romantically, it’s a different story. But, perhaps that doesn’t matter, since like other air sign unions, they get easily swept away on seas of conversation.

Cosmopolitan and independent, all of their socializing leaves them somewhat emotionally detached. Spending most of their hours away from the home, they perform well together as part of a greater whole, such as a business, organization, or group. Often, this couple has a hard time detecting or expressing genuine feelings, either their own, those of the people around them, or their partner’s. They share particular ideas of how people ought to behave, which is more often than not revealed in their horoscope as an impersonal point of view.

Ruled by the Planet Uranus, they are given to radical and novel ideas, and forever reaching out with their high-flown visions. The Aquarius intellect can be so eccentric and extreme that the Water Bearer is commonly known as the Einstein of the Zodiac. They can be too drastic for the rest of the world, and they are often misunderstood simply as brains. Co-ruler Saturn, however contains a marvelous work ethic, responsibility and tenacity that steers Aquarius to work hard through any problems that may originate. This characteristic makes the couple well respected, and very productive.

As one of the Air Signs, confronting issues, and brainstorming with their superior, intellectual gifts are second nature to them. The same rational force that makes the Aquarius horoscope so self-assured and self-confident and can also be the source of any physical, or emotional detachment that may develop between the two. They share wonderful conversation, and make a great team, but the intimacy of the relationship may take a lot of effort, and hard work. Also, they tend be cold toward those they find mundane and banal.

As a Fixed Sign, they can be a highly productive, as well as dreadfully stubborn. Ideas flow easily from the fertile Aquarius mind and both partners respect each others contributions to common goals. However, strong opinions will often clash and result in an all out dispute. Both share a distaste for those who don’t partake of their passion for progress.

What’s the best aspect of Aquarius-Aquarius compatibility horoscopes? It’s the ingenious new ideas they are constantly presenting to the world. As individuals and visionaries, this pair makes a track for bright innovations, and cultural reform. If both partners can remember to direct some of their fervor into their romance, this couple will not only be of great benefit to the community, but to each other as well. Explore Aquarius Compatibility with the other Zodiac Signs.

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