air signsThe Air Signs, of astrology, are all in their minds. Airy people need a flash of genius before getting out of bed, a dazzling, bright diamond of an idea. Why waste energy spinning our wheels? Blood, sweat, tears, and time are valuable commodities that should not be squandered. So, let’s not get bogged-down in details, Air signs have a million things to see, and people to do before lunch.

Brazen fire urges us to get out there and just do it, whatever it is. Don’t think about it, don’t analyze the pros and cons, just act. Get your motor running, jump on the opportunity, take the big plunge, and hit the ground running – now, not tomorrow. And, don’t fret too much about the possible consequences of any bold actions taken. Fire’s outcomes can have a flash in the pan quality – sparkling and energizing, but here today, gone tomorrow.

Security-conscious earth, wants us to slow down the tempo, get settled, and consolidate what we’ve enterprisingly initiated for ourselves. Sustaining our earthy focus helps us fortify our efforts better, thus enabling our accomplishments to last longer. Earth is looking for permanent results, even if this takes time and demands much stick-to-it-tiveness. The Earth Signs advise us to ground our actions more fully in the practical world by laying down solid foundations, and by attending to all pertinent details. We can then keep our steady system of operations running as reliably as a Swiss watch.

Whoa, gasp Air Signs, let’s call a timeout to think about all this talk about full-time commitment. Sure enough, the air element seeks a bit of breathing space. Air doesn’t want to become too immersed in earth’s big building projects. Creating a little healthy distance helps air get an objective handle on things – some needed perspective, so that it can think more clearly about what has materialized thus far. Air is afraid that earth will want to stop fires momentum for good and instead remain stuck in dull, even stagnating, routines.

It’s air’s nature to circulate and to distribute its energy broadly. Air is not comfortable with becoming too settled in matter. It’s not interested in tightly compressing energy into something that ends up densely packaged and immovable. So, air intuitively backs off from any condition that appears time-consuming or too slow to take shape. Instead, the realm more natural to air is that above the ground. It’s obvious that the higher up we go, reaching even cloud level, the more widely we can observe the terrain below. Details may seem less sharp, but the greater our altitude, the grander the overview we can achieve.

We can also feel an expansive sense of freedom. Thus, expect this element to be interested in comprehending life’s bigger picture. Air also likes to mix life’s ingredients and then step back to witness the unpredictable results. This element enjoys observing how two or more things link up. It looks for apparent similarities between such factors as they combine, while noting obvious contrasts to be found as well. If I join this with that, what will happen and why?, wonders air. This sounds like the dawning of scientific inquiry, or perhaps just human mischief in the making.

Our capacity to undergo experimental, trial and error stages in life that hopefully enlighten us is something related to air, an element that’s always eager to teach us something new. Highly conscious and wide-awake, air is related to our ability to think and reason. It’s the brainiest of all the elements, the one that loves to live life in its head and to create brilliant ideas to share with the world. Where would we be if we couldn’t connect our words and thoughts in intelligent ways? We’d sound unintelligible, and that could lead to social isolation, something that all air signs dread.

Not a big fan of gibberish, air demands that language be clear and precise if real communication is truly our objective (air can set the standards here, I guess, because it even invented language). Yet that doesn’t mean air cant have fun playing with words. It comes up with new, catchy phrases now and then; plus, lots of (hot) air produces chatterboxes at times. As air rules the wind, it’s the element of wind-bags, talking up a storm.

Air is the one element of the cycle that keenly focuses on cause and effect – bang head against wall, get dizzy, pass out. One condition not only influences another, but apparently can be the very cause or the catalyst of that other condition. That’s basically what air notices, as it busily takes mental notes on how life appears to work, at least on the surface. Of course, it’s on life’s more observable surface where many superficialities are to be found, being the home turf of much that is shallow and trivial. Yet air gladly takes it all in, appreciating such things as momentary stimulations or fleeting distractions, if nothing else.

Fire Signs can be passionately singular in their short-lived interests, while earth can be downright fixated on its long-range goals. But all air-signs need a lot of variety and change; they wither from too much monotony or a life that lacks detours (or even a room without windows). Air doesn’t enjoy feeling as driven as headstrong fire, nor is it as task-oriented as earth. Actually, air can adapt to these and other states of consciousness, as long as they are experienced in small doses, for short periods of time. The bottom line, however, is that air is elusive and cannot be pinned down for long. Its not an easy element to grab onto and tightly control.

Highly curious air believes that life is a buffet table. Sample an assortment of whatever items look tasty, but don’t pig out on any onething and fill up too fast. Life is too short not to spread one’s attention everywhere, and thereby mentally benefit from the open-mindedness such diversity encourages. Air types can be very cerebral in temperament. They sound smart and seem to know a lot. They even make up the bulk of life’s eternal students, forever feeding their minds knowledge. Along with such brain power comes a cool detachment that can be invaluable when confronting life’s more unsettling twists and turns.

When others become hysterical during disruptive times of great chaos, those with air emphasized in their charts are apt to keep their wits about them and not abandon logic or clarity. However, this airy, cool-and-collected disposition doesn’t work as well with life situations that require emotional depth and intimacy. While it can appear to understand someone else’s life predicament sympathetically, air does not empathize very easily (that’s more a strength of the Water Signs). There is a bit of aloofness to be found hidden beneath what otherwise seems to be an alert, inquisitive, likable nature that is eager to meet life straight-forwardly.

Air’s cleverness at times can make it seem to be a bit of a trickster, playing loose with the facts, but by nature it’s not a deliberately sneaky, deceitful element. Still, it has a hard time being real with it.

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