five elementsThe Chinese 5 Elements are integral to the philosophy of Yin Yang and are commonly refered to as the Five Transformations or Five Phases. The Chinese 5 elements are associated with the five major planets: Venus to Metal; Jupiter to Wood, Mercury to Water, Mars to Fire, Saturn to Earth.

Wood is associated with the liver and relates to basic metabolism. Fire is associated with the heart and relates to the tongue. Earth is associated with the spleen and relates to the sense of taste. Metal is associated with the lungs and relates to the nose. Water is associated with the kidneys and relates to the vital fluids.

The Chinese 5 elements modify and affect each animal of the 12 Chinese Horoscopes. Each element has features that apply to both years and the animals. Each of the 12 animals are governed by the elements plus a Yin Yang direction.

Yin Yang enlarges the elements’ cycles to 10. Even years are Yang, odd years are Yin. Every zodiac sign can only occur in either yin or yang: the dragon is always yang, the snake is always yin, etc. This combination creates a 60-year cycle, starting with Wood Rat and ending with Water Pig. The current cycle began in the year 1984.

The Chinese 5 elements are also associated with colours. The traditional correspondences are green to Wood, red to Fire, yellow to Earth, white to Metal, and black to Water.

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