“aries”ARIES, March 21 to April 20, first-born of the Zodiac is ruled by Mars, the god of war and fire. Masculine (Yang), its color is red, birthstone diamond. Fire/Cardinal Sign, Aries shares traits with the Dragon Horoscopes. For the fiery ram it’s always, “Let’s get it on!”

Aries governs the head and brain, making them prone to headaches, particularly migraines, depression, sunstroke, neuralgia, and nervous disorders. Their impetuosity and energy make them accident prone and given to physical injuries. Physically Aries are of medium height with a square jaw, and inclined to put on weight.

The Zodiac’s most energetic sign, the ram will always draw attention to itself when it enters a room. The first to take a risk, caution and self-control are not in its dictionary. Exhilarating, enthusiastic, and inspiring, Aries is the zodiac’s most aggressive and energetic force. Blessed with boldness, an appealing personality and boundless energy they have a gusto for life that others can only envy. Passionate, intrepid, and courageous, Aries is a glowing firebrand – full of flash. Joyously individualistic and unconventional, they display a rude sense of who they are and a determination to follow their own instincts.

The first Sign of the Zodiac is pretty much how they see themselves. As the leader of the pack, they are eager to get the show on the road. Whether or not anything gets accomplished is another story altogether, because Aries starts far more than they ever finish. Do you have a job that needs a kick-start? Call Aries. The leadership abilities of Aries are most impressive, and their personal magnetism can rally the troops against daunting and seemingly hopeless odds.

Aries doesn’t shy from terra incognita. Often called the pioneers of the Zodiac, it’s their fearless trek into unknown territory which often wins the day. Dynamic Aries, a bundle of energy, is a Pied Piper to their crowd. The cockcrow of a new day, with all its possibilities, is pure ecstasy to Aries. The hard-headed Ram which symbolizes Aries is both good and bad tidings.

Impetuous Aries is tempted to ram their notions down everyone else’s throat. If things are performed for the greater good, that can even be okay. But it’s those times when Aries force-feeds an idea for no obvious reason that they raise the hackles of friends and family.

Blunt and to the point, Aries sheer force of being can accomplish a great deal. Much of this drive has to do with their Cardinal quality. Cardinal Signs just love to start the ball rolling, and Aries illustrate this better than anyone else.

Mars was fearless in battle, and the same can be said of his namesake Aries. Aggressive, bold and courageous, they can muster the inner strength needed to take on almost anyone, and they will likely win. Not lacking energy or vitality, they will stay in the game longer than anyone else. That’s their winning edge.

Independent rams are well aware of their own interests in any given situation. This shortsighted view may not appeal to everyone, but it does help Aries get things going. Besides, their competitive natures guarantee that they will play the game with enthusiasm and determination.

Their approach is often arrogant and domineering, but as any Aries will tell you, it takes eminence to be a leader. Unfortunately, Aries won’t be around for the victory parade (or the surrender). They will have dashed off to a new front before the first battle is decided.

Aries is a Fire Sign. That means enthusiasm, action, and a burning desire to be in the game. Physical Aries won’t be found on the sidelines for long, if at all. They’ll dive into the fray head-first (of course) and will add much to the progress. Some of their actions may later prove to have been ill conceived, but Aries never regrets taking a shot. Shaking things up is what it’s all about to them.

Unafraid to explore new terrain, the challenge of taking on the unknown is pure delight for Rams. They may be arrogant as they take on the world, but for “me first” Aries it’s the only way to go. Save your breath, they will always have the last word. Aries toil as hard at play as they do at work. In the game of love, the Ram’s gusto is unquestioned, and they can even be romantic and playful with their mate.

With many positive points to their character, balance is not one of them. The Aries nature can benefit by adding tenderness to independence and by moderating the Self with self-awareness. Courage, initiative, dynamism, competitive spirit and determination add considerably to any projects they tackle. Forward-looking and not easily demoralizes by temporary setbacks, they know what they wish out of life, and they go out and get it. Their strong personalities are sources of inspiration for other travelers on the same road. With a remarkable zest for life that is contagious, they are often examples of how life should be lived.

A quick and active mind that enjoys staying busy makes them inventive and imaginative. Being interested in mankind, as a whole, they generally get along well with all types of people. Addicted to adrenaline, many say that Aries thrives on challenge and opposition. And, it is when they are set against that they often do their best. Getting around or over hurdles is a challenge they absolutely enjoy. For this reason, they like to stay up on what’s happening in the world.

Fond of speed, they like things done quickly which often aggravates their slower co-workers and friends. A never say die attitude, no matter what the odds, and an approach to life that is ever optimistic and youthful keeps Aries young. They age rather slowly. Occasional setbacks never keep them off their feet for long.

Aries are not known for their tact when communicating with others. In their hurry to get things done they can be inconsiderate and callous. Sensitive folk, like Pisces, often find them sharp-tongued. And, in their eagerness to achieve their goals, they can miss the mark altogether.

Aries are impulsive, stubborn and rarely find the time to listen to reason. If things are not moving quickly enough, they are apt to become irritable and nervous. Unfamiliar with doubt and fear, they might become destructive if they don’t get their way. They can overcome their particular emotional problems, but this requires a steady effort usually lacking in the ram.

The Fiery Aries is the Zodiac’s quintessential, assertive ego the “I” energy. This is a flaming compulsion and a need to do something, anything. With a powerful tension and a willful passion, the “I” carries a demand for independence.

Aries brings spring to the Earth, when life is renewed in an outpouring of growth and energy, and wild weather. With an instinctive identity, spontaneity, extroversion, and a very direct approach, it can rage out of control. The Fire/Cardinal assertiveness can become dangerously self-willed. A stormy nature with a passion for power, their impatience and recklessness can become impulsive, as only Mars can be.

As fire can quickly burn itself out, so can their friendships. Call an Aries if you want to paint the town red, you’ll have an intoxicating companion for the night. But don’t make plans for next week. Aries need lots of variety in their relationships. If someone can’t keep up with their ever changing interests, they’ll be moving on. The Ram will never lack for companionship. Admired for their edginess, making new friends come easily. Although nice, friends are not exactly necessary for self-sufficient Aries. Not needing a large group to have fun is just as well since their competitive nature, in a crowd, tends to get the better of them. They are great at taking but not very good at giving (compliments or even a cup of sugar).

Governed by the First House (Self), selfishness is in their blood and will take the upper hand when it comes to a choice between possessions and people. The Ram can be very affectionate toward a friend, as long as they feel that they are the number 1 friend, in which case you can look forward to an exciting, although brief, firestorm of fun. Their best friends are independent Aquarius and Gemini.

Finding outlets for their high energy level in physical activities and sports, adventure seeking rams are headstrong, aggressive, restless, easily offended, quick tempered and hold grudges. A high sex drive that makes for an energetic and passionate lover (but not the most faithful). The Ram’s sexuality is hot and intense, it ignites quickly and explodes in a blaze of fire and shower of sparks.

With a sense of purpose and a distinct, personal style, they refuse to let others define them. A creature of extremes, they react quickly and make on-the-spot decisions. They believe in action and imperiously stand up for what they believe is right, even if it clashes with commonly held notions. Natural-born leaders because of a total faith in their own reactions and plans, combined with a clear, unwavering mind, they are neither joiners or followers.

At their bodacious best, they are untiring, ardent, and thoroughly original. Activists on their own behalf, they have initiative. Risk-takers with a trail-blazing spirit, they have a profound need to prove themselves. So when a novel idea or a groundbreaking venture captures their imagination, they charge in. If their expectations don’t pan out, or their interest wanes, they simply move on, unbowed. Life is too short to fritter away on anything that fails to satisfy.

Aries is compatible with its own sign, Gemini, Leo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius and Aquarius.

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